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Miracle 511 H2O Plus - Water-Based Penetrating Sealer

Miracle 511 H2O Plus - Water-Based Penetrating Sealer

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Miracle Sealants 511 H2O Plus is a unique water base penetrating sealer designed for the protection of all natural stone, tile, grout and masonry surfaces where a water based product is preferred. 511 H2O Plus is not a surface coating and will not alter the natural look of the surface. 511 H2O Plus does not produce a strong odour. 511 H2O Plus penetrates into the surface and forms an invisible barrier that is resistant to moisture and stains, while allowing vapour to escape. Suitable for interior and exterior use. Coverage: 46.4 - 139 m² per 3.785 L bottle, depending on porosity of the surface. Suitable for Grout, Granite, Saltillo Tile, Quarry Tile, Marble, Slate, Ceramic Tile, Limestone, Flagstone, Glazed Tile and Terrazzo.