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  1. Tile and Grout Cleaners UK Stone Flooring Cleaning Products

    Tile and Grout Cleaners UK Stone Flooring Cleaning Products
    Tile and Grout Cleaners UK Refurbishment Stone Floor Cleaning To make your life just a little bit easier, Tiling Logistics has composed a list of our personal best tile cleaners for stone and tile surfaces. Whether it is porcelain or ceramic, indoor or outdoor or commercial or domestic, this list will clue you in on the best options for you. Choosing Alkaline and Acid Tile and Stone Flooring Cleaning Supplies You know that the type of material your a cleaning should correlate with the cleaning solution you choose. Check our product descriptions for our products to ensure they are right for you. We also have a search function at the top of each page that makes finding what you need easier. Using the correct product provides the best results, so choose an acid or alkaline cleaning solution that matches your substrate. This next bit may take a little research to verify whether your tiles, flooring, walls or surfaces are alkaline or acid-sensitive. We are always here to help - speak to our experts on 0121 773 9129 Monday to Friday between 08:30 am and 16.30 pm for friendly advice. If you are looking for answers outside of office hours (evenings, Saturdays and Sundays) send us a message online and we promise to respond the very next working day. Furthermore, our blog contains a lot of remedies and suggestions with dozens of helpful tile cleaning and surface restoration product recommendations written by our fully trained staff. Due to this, choosing the best tile cleaner for you can be easier than you think. Free UK Delivery and Same Day Shipping Monday to Friday - Pay Before 2 pm Order with ease from Tiling Logistics and remember, all orders of £75 and over automatically qualify for FREE UK delivery. Pay before 2 pm for same-day despatch Monday-Friday. Continue reading →
  2. How to: Remove sealer from Tile and Stone Surfaces (2022)

    How to: Remove sealer from Tile and Stone Surfaces (2022) ECOPROTEC Stone And Tile Intensive Cleaner Surface Removal Treatment Remove Sealer Stone cleaning products stone tile cleaner tile and stone cleaner deep cleaning When applying impregnating sealers and surface sealers it is always possible for things to get out of hand. Whether you underestimate the effectiveness of the sealer or the bottle simply slipped out of your hand. This results in too much sealer being applied. Conversely, it is also possible that some treatments require surfaces to be free of any prior sealers. Whatever the reason, you have found yourself needing the perfect tool to remove sealer. In this article, I will explain exactly why EcoProTec Stone & Tile Intensive Cleaner is just that and how to use it for the most efficient sealer removal treatment. Continue reading →
  3. LTP Power Stripper | The Importance Of Stripping

    LTP Power Stripper bottles on a construction site LTP Power Stripper | Why Should You Strip Your Surface? Have you ever wondered why people talk about stripping their surface and what that even means? LTP Power Stripper may help you understand and make it look effortless. In this blog, we will tell you the importance of stripping your surface, why you should do it and how to get started.  Continue reading →

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