Faber P147: Colour Enhancing Impregnator 

For Protection Against Wet and Cold Weather

Faber P147 Colour Enhancing Matt Finish Stain proof Wet Look Impregnator Colour Intensifier Treatment

During the winter months, your exterior stone surfaces are constantly exposed to cold and wet weather. These long periods of rain and cold eventually damage your stone surfaces. Rain that has penetrated the material will freeze and thaw, loosening the bonding of the material. Due to this, cracks and gaps form. Fortunately, Faber developed the perfect remedy to this issue and this remedy is Faber P147. 

Faber P147 is a solvent-based, colour enhancing impregnator.

Why Faber P147?

This stone impregnator enhances the colour and tone of even the most absorbent surfaces, as well as adds a matt finish. Although, it does so without creating a surface film. 

Instead of altering the appearance of your surfaces, this colour intensifier brings out the characteristic veining of your surfaces. 

Surfaces treated with this stone colour enhancer are also left with a wetlook finish. 

Faber P147 provides stone surfaces with both hydro-repellency and oleo-repellency. This makes surfaces waterproof and oil resistant. 

What makes Faber P147 special?

Unlike alternative wetlook colour enhancers on the market, Faber P147 penetrates deep into a surface allowing for the maximum protection of your surfaces. 

Additionally, its application is incredibly easy without the risk of uneven aesthetic finishes. This is further exemplified by the lack of surface film after treatment. 

As a result of these qualities, this colour enhancer is ideal for use outdoors or on surfaces that face constant water. 

This matt finish colour enhancer provides surfaces with long-lasting effects; these effects withstand UV rays, high traffic and the elements. 

Furthermore, surfaces treated with P147 will not yellow after exposure to sunlight.

What surfaces are Faber P147 suitable for?

This stain-proof impregnator is ready for various surfaces, but is especially useful for surfaces exposed to a lot of water. 

P147 is recommended for surfaces with a medium-low, medium and medium-high level of absorption. 

Suitable for Use On:
- Basaltina - Lava Rock
- Cementina
- Cement-marble agglomerate
- Concrete
- Cotto
- Granite
- Limestone
- Marble
- Marble-resin agglomerate
- Molten Basalt
- Porphyry
- Quartzite
- Quartz-resin agglomerate
- Reconstituted (eco) stone
- Sandstone
- Slate
- Terracotta
- Travertine
- Tuff

Moreover, it is suitable for exterior and interior surfaces. 

As this matt-finish colour intensifier is ideal for surfaces that face constant water, Faber P147 is suitable for showers, fountains and washbasins. 

What is more, this impregnating, colour intensifier is certified for food use, making it appropriate for kitchen counters and worktops. 

When isn't Faber P147 suitable?

This stone impregnator isn’t suitable for surfaces that are below 5℃ or surfaces that are above 40℃. 

You should never apply this stainproof impregnator to wet or damp surfaces. 

However, after application, Faber P147 effectively protects surfaces from water and moisture, even in cold weather conditions. 

Click here for the technical data sheet (TDS) for this product. 


After treatment, this water-repellent impregnator will dry within 1-2 hours of its initial application. 

Although, you should wait between 4-6 hours before opening the surface up to traffic. 

Is Faber P147 enough?

For stone impregnation and colour enhancement, it is definitely enough. 

Although, for routine cleaning of surfaces treated with P147, the use of Faber Deterfug or Faber 30 is advised. 

It is also recommended that you use Faber Dec 21 or Faber Decera P to de-wax surfaces treated with P147.

Have you heard enough?

If you’ve heard enough then what are you waiting for, head over to Tiling Logistics now. 

Buy Faber P147 today to give your surfaces long-lasting protection against water damage. 

Keep exteriors surfaces safe from exposure to water whilst giving them a wetlook finish without changing their appearance. 

Without this stainproof stone impregnator, your surfaces will fall victim to wet and cold weather. Without it, water will freeze inside your surfaces and break them apart from within.


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