SRP Pink Everyday Cleaner: What is the best tile cleaner?

SRP Pink Concentrated pH Neutral Tile and Stone Cleaner Everyday Use Soap Scum Best Tile Grout Cleaner Floor Cleaner

Within the floor care industry, there are countless products available for a range of treatments. However, on a day to day basis, the only thing that you need is the right floor cleaner. When dirt becomes ingrained in your stone surfaces, the bolognese spills or tough resins are left behind, a polishing powder or colour enhancer will not solve your problems. Enter SRP Pink Concentrated ph Neutral Tile and Stone Cleaner. 

This everyday floor cleaner is the perfect choice to tackle common issues around the house. This product is the best tile grout cleaner and here are 5 reasons why you need to start using it today. 

1. Super Concentrated for High-Performance Cleaning Action

As with any floor cleaner, cleaning action was a very important factor in the creation of SRP Pink. Due to this, this product is sure to satisfy all of your cleaning needs. This tile cleaner has a super-concentrated formula that ensures dirt and stains are completely removed. Just because this floor cleaner is suited to everyday use, don't believe it isn't capable of getting rid of bigger, more stubborn problems. Using SRP Pink is the easiest way to clean tiles

Use this stone tile cleaner to erase even the most annoying of stains that are plaguing and ruining your surfaces. Thanks to its concentrated formula, SRP Pink removes the toughest resins and ingrained dirt and grime from stone floors and stone tiles. 

Alternatively, SRP Pink is ideal for protecting surfaces against staining and the build-up of soap scum. Soap scum is commonly found around showers, sinks and baths. It forms when soap mixes the minerals found in tap water. In any household, this is sure to be a common occurrence, making SRP Pink an essential item to have. 

Furthermore, this tile and stone cleaner is perfect for use in bathrooms and kitchens because it protects against soap scum.  

2. Gentle Treatment for Everday Use

Despite displaying incredible cleaning action, this tile grout cleaner is gentle on all surfaces. Providing gentle treatment ensures this stone cleaner is ideal for consistent, everyday use. 

Even when cleaning surfaces, many alternatives on the market actually damage and wears away at the material. As a result, most cleaning products must only be used on occasion. 

Fortunately, this stone tile cleaner has a unique formula that prevents this from happening, making it perfect as an everyday cleaner. Use this floor cleaner to get rid of both minor and significant messes around the house whenever and wherever you need it.

3. Long-Lasting Results

No matter how effective a cleaning product is, the entire treatment is pointless if these amazing results do not last. 

Thanks to the gentle formula of this tile grout cleaner, it is suitable for everyday use. Consistent use of SRP Pink ensures long-lasting results across a range of stone and tile floors. 

For more information on the application process of SRP Pink, click here

4. PH Neutral Cleaner

Despite the effectiveness of SRP Pink, this tile cleaner is ph neutral. As a ph neutral floor cleaner, it is ready to use on the widest range of different materials possible. Whether your surfaces are acid-sensitive or alkaline-sensitive, this concentrated cleaner is perfect for you.

Suitable for Use On:
- Brick
- Ceramic tile
- Concrete
- Granite
- Limestone
- Mansory surfaces
- Marble
- Porcelain tile
- Quarry tile
- Saltillo
- Slate
- Travertine

As a result, you have the choice to use this ph neutral floor cleaner on a multitude of surfaces around the house. It is the perfect choice to accommodate your cleaning needs regardless of the surface type. 

Get rid of dullness and make your ceramic tiles shine again with this tile grout cleaner. 

5. Fresh and Clean Fragrance

While many cleaning products are effective for removing dirt and stains, these products also leave behind unpleasant and unwanted aromas. Often, this deters people from giving their surfaces the regular clean they need. With this floor cleaner, you don’t have to worry about that.

During treatment, SRP Pink provides surfaces with a pleasant aroma leaving the area smelling fresh and inviting. 


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Start using SRP Pink today for the everyday cleaning of both acid-sensitive and alkaline-sensitive surfaces. This product effortlessly gets rid of dirt and grout on tile and stone surfaces while leaving a pleasant smell.

For clean surfaces and long-lasting results, buy SRP Pink from Tiling Logistics. 

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