Why Faber Neugel Is The Perfect Floor Cleaner 

Faber Neugel






           It was time for refurbishment. Some surfaces around your property had become dirty, damaged and it was time for a change. A few weeks have passed since you installed those new floors. Initially, everything seemed to be going well, but you’ve noticed dirt and debris. These substances have been building up and ruining your brilliant new floors. After a while, you decide enough is enough. You need a floor cleaning detergent. However, there is just one problem, some are of your new surfaces are acid-sensitive and the others are alkaline-sensitive. Don’t worry, this is where Faber Neugel comes in! 

Faber Neugel is a concentrated, ph-neutral detergent for cleaning floors all-around your property. Faber has been leading surface technology for over 30 years and Faber Neugel is what all those years have been leading up to. After 30+ years, Faber has been able to devote their time to designing, creating and testing an amazing range of surface care products. Faber Neugel is the perfect example of this fact. 

What makes Faber Neugel special?

PH Neutral - 

To maximise this floor cleaner’s usability, Faber has specifically designed this detergent. This ph-neutral design ensures this floor cleaner can be used on as wide a range of surfaces as possible. 

Versatile - 

Furthermore, the ph-neutral design makes Faber Neugel suitable for many more surfaces than any acid-based or alkaline-based cleaners. Faber Neugel is ideal for surfaces that have a medium to medium-high level of absorption.

Used On:
- Basaltina
- Cementina
- Concrete
- Cotto
- Granite
- Limestone
- Marble
- Molten basalt
- Marble-resin agglomerate
- Marble-cement agglomerate
- Porphyry
- Reconstituted (eco) stone
- Sandstone
- Slate
- Terracotta
- Travertine
- Tuff

This stone cleaning detergent can be used on both exterior and interior surfaces. 

Additionally, this floor cleaning detergent is great for waxed or treated floors. It will not affect any previous treatments.

Cleaning Action - 

Above all else, any stone cleaner should be able to effectively clean surfaces and Faber Neugel is no different. It is perfect for the routine cleaning of all-natural surfaces.  This ph-neutral floor cleaner is very effective for cleaning stone surfaces. 

Due to its unique formula which is full of natural ingredients, this stone cleaner can nourish surfaces and revitalise them. It brings out their full colour allowing them to shine like they used to.

What is more, consistent use of this detergent will give surfaces resistance to dirt. 

After cleaning surfaces, this detergent will leave them with a pleasant, long-lasting minty aroma. 

Delicate Treatment - 

Faber Neugel’s formula lets it effectively remove dirt without damaging your surfaces. It cleans surfaces whilst ensuring any previous protective treatments aren’t affected. In fact, this floor cleaner adds to the protective layers on surfaces. 

In addition, this detergent will not create a surface film when cleaning floors. 

How should you apply Faber Neugel?

Faber Neugel can be quickly and easily applied to surfaces around your property. The application of this floor cleaner doesn’t require much equipment. Moreover, the application of this floor detergent can be done using traditional methods.

Faber Neugel should be diluted in clean water. 

- Materials with medium absorption: 30/40 grams in 5 litres water (2-3 capsful of the product in a bucket of water)
- Materials with medium-high absorption: 40/50 grams in 5 litres water (4-5 capsful of the product in a bucket of water)

How to Use:
- Apply a fine layer of the solution
- Wash the floor using your chosen method
- Scrub harder in areas with more dirt
- Wait for the surface to dry

Surfaces do not need to be rinsed after treatment and once they dry, you are free to use them.

Coverage: 900-1100 m2 per Litre

With coverage this high, Faber Neugel is sure to last for a long time. It also has a shelf life of up to 36 months. 

What are you waiting for? Buy Faber Neugel Now!

Start using Faber Neugel today for the swift and simple cleaning of both acid-sensitive and alkaline-sensitive surfaces. Completely remove dirt and your surfaces will be left streak-free. 

This product effortlessly erases unwanted substances whilst providing gentle treatment. Any previous treatments will remain unaffected. 

Buy Faber Neugel today from Tiling Logistics for effective cleaning action and for the immediate use of your newly cleaned floors. 


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