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Faber A3 Yellow High Performing Floor Wet Polishing Powder Poultice
Faber A3 Yellow High Performing Floor Wet Polishing Powder Poultice Faber A3 Yellow High Performing Floor Wet Polishing Powder Poultice
Faber Surface Care

Faber Professional A3 Yellow Floor Polishing Compound Powder Poultice 5KG

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EAN 8027365017131
Size 5KG

- High-Performance Wet Polishing Powder
- Suitable For All Types Of Marble And Lime-Based Material In General
- Surface Resistant To Dirt And Foot Traffic 
- Interior & Exterior Use
- Zero Volatility Wet Powder: Does Not Release Dust

Full Description

Faber A3 Yellow is a high-performance wet polishing powder for all types of marble and lime-based materials in general, such as limestone, travertine, marble-cement agglomerates, and marble resin agglomerates. Faber A3 Yellow does not contain wax but it reacts with the material it is applied to, boosting shine and at the same time, leaving the surface with a lasting resistance to dirt and pedestrian traffic

Faber A3 Yellow will maximize the effect of the polishing process, making the whole operation much simpler by effectively replacing the time-consuming final steps in the mechanical polishing process. This cuts out the need for end-stage polishing grains, which drastically cuts the time, energy, effort, and amount of water needed to complete the polishing process. Faber A3 Yellow formulation offers excellent results when it comes to the clarity and depth of shine on the finished surface. Faber A3 Yellow is also able to boost non-slip qualities on dry flooring

Suitable For Use On:
- Marble
- Marble Agglomerates
- Limestone
- Travertine

Coverage (1 KG):
- Polishing: Approximately 40 to 50 square metres
- Maintenance: Approximately 50 to 100 square metres
- All depending on the determined suitability for the surface

Method of Use:
- Pour 2-3 spoons of product onto the surface to be treated
- Add a sufficient amount of water to Faber A3 Yellow to create a creamy/fluid paste that is easy to distribute, as a rough guide keep it to a spoonful to 2 spoons of water
- Continue to apply it to the surface using the single disc machine, covering the whole surface area evenly with the powder and water paste
- Pass over each section of floor the same number of times
- Maintain Faber A3 Yellow by keeping its creamy consistency, gradually adding a little water if needed
- Continue to buff with the single disc machine until the surface has reached its maximum shine
- Remove any residues from the surface, rinse with plenty of clean water and the surface is immediately ready for use

Additional Information:
- Do not apply Faber A3 Yellow to wet or over-heated surfaces
- Any adjacent surfaces not being treated with Faber A3 Yellow must be protected
- It is important to test the solution on an inconspicuous area before general application
- Surfaces must be between 5 and 40°C before application
- For buffing after polishing and to restore the shine on particularly worn surfaces, pass over each section at least 20-25 times with the single disc machine
- For maintenance polishing passing over each section 10-15 times with the single disc machine

The Faber A3 Yellow is available through Tiling Logistics, the natural stone renovation specialists based in Birmingham. We strive for a same-day dispatch service and free delivery is available on orders over £75.

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