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Fila NoDrops Water Mark Repellent Protective Detergent
Fila NoDrops Water Mark Repellent Protective Detergent Fila NoDrops Water Mark Repellent Protective Detergent
Fila Surface Care Solutions

Fila NoDrops Watermark Repellent Protective Detergent 750ml

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EAN 8008980001149
Size Litre 750ml

- Protects glass and taps from limescale build ups and stains
- Suitable for use on or near acid sensitive materials and surfaces
- Leaves no smears behind, requires no rinsing, and is easy to use
- Acid-free formula makes it an environmentally friendly product
- Regular use will mean no other anti-limescale product is needed

Full Description

Fila NoDrops cleans and protects glass and other bathroom surfaces from the effects of limescale buildups and unappealing stains. Ideal for use in shower cubicles, Fila NoDrops works by helping to make glass and perspex surfaces hydrophilic. That means it repels water, causing it to run off the surface without giving it a chance to leave behind any limescale residue or stain. 

The spray can also be used in the routine maintenance of taps and other steel elements around the bathroom too and works in exactly the same way as it does in shower cubicles. Fila NoDrops is really easy to apply, doesn’t require any preparation or rinsing after use, and leaves no smears behind after it dries out. If Fila NoDrops is used on a regular basis, you won’t need to use any other anti limescale product as levels of protection will be built up over time. It’s made from an acid-free formula, which makes it suitable for use on or near acid sensitive materials. It also makes it an eco-friendly option too!

Suitable for Use On:
- Shower cubicles
- Plexiglass surfaces
- Glass surfaces 
- Glass and plexiglass mosaics
- Glazed ceramic tiles
- Taps and other steel elements
- Mirrors

Method of Use:
- No dilution is required: the spray is ready to be used straight from the bottle
- Spray on the required surface holding the bottle in a vertical position
- Spray on the surface from a distance of between 20 and 30cm 
- Wipe with kitchen paper or a soft, dry cloth to spread the spray evenly
- Leave the product to dry before using the surface or getting it wet
- For best results, use Fila NoDrops regularly for maintenance of protection 

The Fila NoDrops is available through Tiling Logistics, the natural stone renovation specialists based in Birmingham. We strive for a same-day dispatch service and free delivery is available on orders over £75.

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