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Fila Prw200 Pre Grouting Protective Agent
Fila Prw200 Pre Grouting Protective Agent
Fila Surface Care Solutions

Fila Prw200 Pre Grouting Protective Agent

SALE From £12.58 £10.48 RRP £26.16
SALE From £12.58 £10.48 RRP £26.16
More Information

- Highly effective water-based pre-grouting protective agent
- Guards against soiling and makes cleaning after laying easier
- Ideal for use on unpolished stone, terracotta, quarry tiles
- Does not affect adhesion between grout and surfaces
- Very simple and easy to use on a range of surfaces

Full Description

Fila Prw200 is a water-based pre-grouting protective agent that protects materials from grouting. It guards against soiling and also makes cleaning after laying easier. Fila Prw200 is ideal for use on absorbent materials like terracotta, quarry tiles, natural and reconstructed stone and agglomerates. It is very easy to apply and use and after application, it is possible to apply any kind of protection treatment. 

Using the product does not affect the adhesion between the grouting and a material and doesn’t affect the materials appearance either. Fila Prw200 is an environmentally friendly product that has extremely low emissions of VOC and has been certified as helping towards gaining credits for the LEED.

Fila prw200 Suitable for Use On:
- Unpolished stone and agglomerates
- Terracotta
- Quarry tiles

Fila prw200 Coverage Information (1 Litre):
- Polished rustic terracotta: Approx 15-20 square meters
- Handmade terracotta: Approx 7-10 square meters
- Hollow tiles or brick: Approx 7-10 square meters
- Stone: approx 10-20 square meters 

Fila prw200 Method of Use:
- Carry out a patch test on a small area before wider use
- Do not apply on external surfaces if rain is in the forecast
- No dilution of Fila Prw200 is required as the product is ready to use
- Ensure the product is shook well in the container before use
- Remove any dust from the surface that is set to be treated
- Apply one even coat of the product using a flat paintbrush or fleece
- Avoid pooling of the product and apply to edges of the surface with care
- The surface can be grouted on the day after application
- Once thoroughly set, wash the surface using a material-suitable cleaner 

The Fila Prw200 pre-grouting protective agent is available through Tiling Logistics, the natural stone renovation specialists based in Birmingham. We strive for a same-day dispatch service and free delivery is available on orders over £75. 

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