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Hyper Grinder Tripad
Hyper Grinder Tripad Hyper Grinder Tripad Hyper Grinder Tripad
Hyper Grinder

Hyper Grinder Tripad Polishing Pad System

From £10.68 £8.90
From £10.68 £8.90
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- Disc pads for cleaning, grinding and polishing
- Compatible with any rotary machine
- Only water is needed and no chemicals
- East to use with great results
- Environmentally friendly

Full Description

Hyper Grinder Tripad are the ideal series of disc pads to choose for cleaning discs that are a cut above the rest of their competitors on the market. They have a new natural fibre and a great concentration of diamond resin allowing them to complete any task much more effectively than the competition. Even in the most paramount situations, Hyper Grinder Tripad is ready to tackle the task and showcase their amazing strength and durability.       

The Hyper Grinder Tripad series are available in 3 colours: red, green and blue. These disc pads offer more versatility than any other as they are compatible with all rotary machines. This product is appropriate to be used domestically, commercially and industrially. 

Suitable for Usage On:
- Marble
- Limestone
- Terrazzo
- Concrete
- Linoleum
- Mosaic 

No chemicals are needed for these disc pads to work; in fact, the only thing they need is water. This makes Hyper Grinder Tripad easy to use and environmentally friendly. Whether you need to clean, grind or polish, Hyper Grinder Tripad are sure to be able to get the job done.

The first of the Hyper Grinder Tripad series is the red tripad is the most aggressive of the three and can almost instantly remove scratches, acid stains and strong dirt. Next, the green tripad gives tone and colour to a floor’s surface granting it a mechanical polish. Finally, the blue tripad gives a high gloss and is an effective maintenance tool for floors. 

Method of Use:
- Restoration:
- Use water in succession with the red, green and blue discs to smooth and restore the polish on run-down surfaces
- Maintenance:
- Wash the floor thoroughly using only the blue disc with water
- Wash the floor rigorously using only the blue disc and water

Surfaces treated with the Hyper Grinder Tripad series are left non-slippery. Additionally, there is very little risk of any damage being inflicted on surfaces that are treated with these disc pads. 

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