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Klindex Stone Soap
Klindex Stone Soap Klindex Stone Soap
Klindex Floor Treatment

Klindex Stone Soap Cleaner and Impregnating Sealer 5L

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EAN 5060283379298
Size Litre 5L

- Daily cleaner and impregnating sealer for stone
- Insoluble to water and water transferred dirt
- Brightens, cleans and protects surfaces 
- Is able to remove wax and polish
- Greatly reduces the cost of labor


Full Description

Klindex Stone Soap is the perfect product to use as a cleaner and impregnating sealer, it has a  distinctive combination of natural fatty acids that react with the calcium found in a range of stone/concrete floors. This creates a dirt-repellent barrier that is insoluble to water. Due to this, the use of Klindex Stone Soap concrete/natural stone surfaces will temporarily stop water transferred dirt from penetrating them. This product also allows surfaces to breathe without changing their original colours. Additionally, Klindex Stone Soap can clean and protect grout lines.

Linoleum floors that do not have a layer of polish or wax can be treated with Klindex Stone Soap.  Even wax and polish can be removed with the use of this product. With this product, the trials of rinsing and buffing will be no more, and surfaces will be left brighter than ever before. Klindex Stone Soap is a neutral environmental product that is non-acidic and slip-resistant. 

Suitable for Usage On:
- Natural Stone
- Unglazed Ceramics
- Terrazzo
- Wooden Floors
- Linoleum

Tips for Usage:
- Ensure all surfaces to be treated by Klindex Stone Soap are free of dirt, oil, lime and residues of cement
- Klindex Stone Soap is concentrated for machine or manual cleaning and maintenance of all water-resistant floors. 

Method of Use:
- Manual Method of Use:
- Daily cleaning -  Dilute the product with water, 50 - 100 ml  to 10 litres of water
- Basic Impregnation: Dilute Klindex Stone Soap with water, 1 - 2 litres to 10 litres of lukewarm water based on the porosity of the surface
- Surfaces that are high in gloss require less, dilute in a ratio of 1:10
- Auto Scrubber: dilute the product in the ratio of 50 - 100ml to 10 litres of water for normal dirt or 300ml of Klindex Stone Soap to 10 litres of water for heavy dirt

- Contains aminoethanol
- Causes skin irritation
- Causes severe eye irritation
If in eyes: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes
- If in eyes wearing contact lenses: - Remove contact lenses if possible and rinse eyes with water

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