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Klindex Waterfire
Klindex Waterfire Klindex Waterfire UK Klindex Waterfire Kit
Klindex Floor Treatment

Klindex Waterfire Hand Grinder Polishing Machine

From £2,394.00 £1,995.00
From £2,394.00 £1,995.00
More Information

- A Hand grinder for both wide and narrow surfaces
- The only hand grinder with IP54 Protection in the World
- Comes with additional accessories to improve results
- Powerful asynchronous motor strength
- Wet or Dry grinding operation 

Full Description

Klindex Waterfire is an impeccable choice to attain the best grinding of a range of different surfaces both wide and narrow. Whether you need to use it as a joint chaser, edge grinder or a stairs bush-hammer, Klindex Waterfire will definitely get the job done due to its additional accessories. The Klindex Waterfire is a strong, but easy-to-use machine that can effectively be used on both wet and dry surfaces.

Klindex Waterfire special features:
- Rotatory Head
- Bush-hammer
- IP54 Protection
- Variable Speed
- Powerful asynchronous motor
- Spherical Wheel

Klindex Waterfire Hand Grinder has an adjustable head that allows it to perform well on edges and corners. This will especially come in handy when going over countertops, skirting boards and stairs. In addition, the rotatory head feature makes this product great for Joint chasing applications. 

As a bush-hammer,  Klindex Waterfire is effective on small or open surfaces. 

Klindex Waterfire has the honour of being the only hand grinder with IP54 Protection around the world. This means that it is protected from dust getting in large enough quantities to stop it from operating properly, although it is not dust-tight. What is more, having an IP54 Protection means the Klindex Waterfire is protected from solid objects and the splashing of liquid no matter the angle. Thanks to this the Kilndex Waterfire will also last a lot longer than its competitors on the market.

With the possibility for variable speed, Klindex Waterfire Hand Grinder Polishing Machine grants you, the user, absolute control over it. This allows you to use it however you may choose to grind and polish surfaces. 

Klindex Waterfire product also has powerful motor strength as opposed to its competitors on the market. 

The Klindex Waterfire’s spherical wheels ensure that it is well equipped to be able to provide perfectly flat surfaces. 

Suitable for Usage On:
- Marble
- Concrete
- Wood

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