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LTP Ferrex 1Ltr
LTP Ferrex 1Ltr
LTP Tile and Stone Cleaning, Sealing and Maintenance

LTP Ferrex 1Ltr

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Size Litre 1L

- Acid-based stone cleaner
- Prevents the effects of oxidization and rusting
- Suitable for interior and exterior use
- Can be used on acid-resistant stone surfaces
- Gets rid of rust and rust discolouration

Full Description

Typically, natural stones have traces of iron that could oxidise when they are exposed to moisture such as rain or during cleaning treatments. This may also occur when the stone comes into contact with specific acid-based cleaners in which the ingredients are able to increase the rate of oxidisation. Oxidisation can result in rust forming and discolouration. This is where LTP Ferrex comes in.

LTP Ferrex has been specially formulated to get rid of these effects and can be used on interior or exterior surfaces. 

LTP Ferrex is an acid-based stone cleaner that also contains unique rust preventing ingredients that can achieve long-lasting results making it the perfect cleaner for stone surfaces. It is capable of changing the rust particles causing any discolouration due to the iron found in stones to be removed. Additionally, cement and salt residues will be removed by this stone cleaner. 

This stone cleaner is suitable for acid-resistant natural stones; this may include:
- Granite
- Slate

However, it is not suitable for highly polished natural stone or:
- Limestone
- Marble

Tips for Usage:
- Shake bottle well before use
- The surface being treated should be free of dirt and dust before the application of LTP Ferrex
- Extremely severe cases dilute 1:1 with water
- Severe cases dilute 1:2 with water
- Mild cases dilute 1:3 with water
- Test LTP Ferrex on an inconspicuous area before application

Method of Use:
- Apply LTP Ferrex evenly to the surface
- Garden sprayers can be used for the external application
- In severe cases, agitate the surface using a short-haired scrubbing brush or black emulsifying pad
- Wait for 3 - 6 hours
- Rinse with a generous amount of clean water
- Repeat the process after a few days if traces remain

Once the surface has been treated with LTP Ferrex it should be protected from water. 

Further Treatment:
- In order to increase the surfaces resistance to water penetration, seal the surface with an impregnating sealer such as LTP External Stone Sealer or LTP Mattstone H20. This will reduce the chance of rust discolouration happening again.

Coverage: Per Litre
- Extremely severe cases - Approx. 10m²
- Severe cases - Approx. 20m²
- Mild cases - Approx. 30m²

Storage Information:
- Store upright in a cool, dry environment
- Store for no longer than 4 years

- Harmful if swallowed
- Causes severe skin burns and eye damage

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