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LTP CLEAR WAX - A clear finish wall and floor tile polish
LTP CLEAR WAX - A clear finish wall and floor tile polish
LTP Tile and Stone Cleaning, Sealing and Maintenance

LTP Clear Wax - A clear finish wall and floor tile polish

SALE From £15.86 £13.22 RRP £29.26
SALE From £15.86 £13.22 RRP £29.26
More Information

- A clear finish wall and floor tile polish
- Leaves surfaces with a dazzling shine
- Protects surfaces from water, dirt, dust and more
- Blended from three types of wax
- Soft-paste wax

Full Description

LTP Clear Wax is a soft paste wax that has been blended from three types of wax. Being blended from three types of wax grants any surface LTP Clear Wax is treated with a dazzling shine.

As well as giving surfaces a clear finish, LTP Clear Wax will provide surfaces with a resilient layer. This layer will protect surfaces from water, dirt, dust and any other common household contaminants.

LTP Clear Wax comes ready to use and can be simply applied using cloth prior to polishing. Despite being easy to use, this wax polish will provide top-quality results that are up to a professional standard. It can be used on a number of surfaces.

Suitable for Use On:
- Travertine
- Limestone
- Sandstone
- Slate
- Tumbled Marble
- Flamed Granite
- Terracotta
- Quarry
- Brick

Tips for Usage:
- Surfaces being treated with LTP Clear Wax should be clean and dry beforehand
- Any pre-polish sealer on the surface before treatment needs to be thoroughly cured
- Ensure the area being treated is manageable
- Test LTP Clear Wax on a discrete area to ensure the final result is what you expected

When used on highly absorbent surfaces LTP Clear Wax may be absorbed into the surface unevenly which makes it difficult to shine. To reduce the absorbency of these surfaces pre-apply an appropriate impregnating sealer.

Method of Use:
- Stir LTP Clear Wax well
- Apply the wax moderately using a soft fluff-free cloth
- Buff the wax to a shine swiftly with a short-haired brush, soft cloth or mechanical polisher

- Make sure that areas where the seal has been damaged or worn are re-waxed
- Apply a new coat of LTP Clear Wax to the surface if signs of stain absorption begin to emerge
- Only apply a new coat only after the surface has been washed and given time to completely dry 

Fully hardened LTP Clear Wax can dry somewhat opaque if it has been overapplied or it has not been properly buffed. This will be more apparent on darker, rougher tiles.

Additionally, the wax polish will not harden correctly if too much has been applied or the surface it has been applied to contains moisture. Achieving a satisfactory shine will be troublesome in this situation. LTP Clear Wax will also not polish properly if used on partially cured sealers or on floors that have not been properly pre-sealed.

- Store in a cool, dry and frost-free environment
- Store for no longer than 2 years

- Harmful to aquatic life with long-lasting effects
- Causes skin irritation

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