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Natural Hogs Hair Polishing Pads
Natural Hogs Hair Polishing Pads Natural Hogs Hair Polishing Pads
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Natural Hogs Hair Polishing Pads

From £4.74 £3.95
From £4.74 £3.95
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- Top-quality yet affordable polishing pads
- Made of natural fibres 100% recycled polyester
- Also contain a rubberised fibre binder for a longer life
- Hugs and grips uneven surfaces
- Can be used for polishing, cleaning and light stripping

Full Description

Natural Hogs Hair Polishing Pads are top-quality yet affordable floor pads that can maintain or improve the condition of resilient, high-quality floor surfaces. They do this to such a high level that any visitors, customers or competitors will be in both complete awe and envy of your surfaces.

Natural Hogs Hair Polishing Pads are perfect for buffing and polishing floor surfaces while leaving a wet look finish. They are effortlessly able to get rid of scuff marks and scratches. These natural polishing pads can be used to polish marble, granite and other natural stone surfaces.

These hog hair polishing pads hug uneven surfaces so they can operate as effectively on uneven surfaces as they do on even surfaces. 

Furthermore, due to their rubberised fibre binder, Natural Hogs Hair Polishing Pads has an extended lifespan and will continue to work effectively after many uses. They are also made of both natural fibres and 100% recycled polyester. Polyester is very durable and able to maintain its shape.

The combination of these fibres creates the most distinct and respected floor pad available on the market.

As a result, these hogs hair polishing pads will be able to withstand the effects of everyday use, wear and tear without losing their effectiveness or grip on the floor due to a change in shape.

As well as polishing, Natural Hogs Hair Polishing Pads can be used for regular cleaning, light stripped and construction cleanup. They are a very fine abrasive that will not damage, chip or scratch the natural finish of a majority of floor surfaces.

These polishing pads have very little risk of dye/colour transference unlike some alternatives sold on the market. This prevents your floors from being left with coloured marks and being ruined after a treatment that was meant to clean them.

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