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 Sprintus WaterKing XL 45L Side View
 Sprintus WaterKing XL 45L Side View Sprintus WaterKing XL 45L Foot Switch Sprintus WaterKing XL 45L Power socket Sprintus WaterKing XL 45L Back Storage

Sprintus WaterKing-Waterking XL 45L

£503.94 £419.95
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- Sprintus Waterking UK Wet/Dry Vacumm 30L
- Sprintus Waterking XL UK Wet/Dry Vacumm 45L
- 1300W

- Great water and dirt intake
- Constant separation of intake air and processed air
- Dependable floating gauge reacts during heavy foam growth
- Cyclone water separation system
- Durable undercarriage with 50mmm swivel casters and wheels

Full Description

Sprintus Waterking is a quiet yet powerful wet/dry vacuum cleaner. 

As a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, Sprintus Waterking provides its users with amazing versatility. Its exceptional dirt and water intake ensure that this wet/dry vac continues to impress across large areas. 

Due to its powerful performance capabilities, Sprintus Waterking is well equipped for use in large industrial and industrial facilities.

It is an incredibly high-performance wet/dry vac, showcasing 260 mbar suction power at 70L/Sec.

The hose of this wet and dry vacuum cleaner has a rotary joint. This puts less strain on the user to move, bend and stretch when vacuuming. 

Due to its integrated blower function, this wet and dry vacuum cleaner can blow filters and workbenches clean. What is more, the integrated blow function can blow dry wet surfaces. 

Sprintus Waterking and its cleaning accessories can easily be stored thanks to the on-device storage where the hose and power cord are kept. Additionally, in the parking position, the tube will remain neat and out of the way. 

An ergonomic handle makes for the comfortable handling of Sprintus Waterking. 

Sprintus Waterking is great for collaborative efforts due to the power socket found on the head, allowing for the use of other cleaning machines through Waterking. 

This wet/dry vac has a dependable floating gauge that even reacts during heavy foam growth. 

Sprintus Waterking 30L

Of the 30 litres-class vacuums offered by Sprintus, Waterking 30L is the best suited for cleaning facilities. 

Its high performance on a variety of surfaces is only further elevated when used with the 360mm wide floor nozzle. In addition, the nozzle allows Sprintus Waterking 30L to be suitable on a variety of surfaces.

Sprintus Waterking 30L has a mechanical output regulator. Thie regulator further increases this wet/dry vacuum’s effectiveness on a range of surfaces because it can be adapted according to the surface type.

Sprintus Waterking XL

As opposed to its smaller counterpart, Sprintus Waterking XL has a 45L container allowing for even longer continual use. 

Instead of a 3600mm wide floor nozzle, this wet/dry vac has a nozzle that is 450mm wide guaranteeing ample performance and top-quality results during the vacuum cleaning process.  

Furthermore, Sprintus Waterking XL has a unique locking brake so that it doesn’t roll away during use. Waterking XL also has an easy-to-remove push bar granting the comfortable ease of movement of this vacuum cleaner. 

Similar to Waterking 30L, Sprintus Waterking XL has a mechanical vacuum power control which makes the vacuum performance at the ideal level for any surface.

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