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Bottle of Fila Fugaproof Water Based Cleaner Specific Protection for Grouting
Bottle of Fila Fugaproof Water Based Cleaner Specific Protection for Grouting
The Label of Fila Fugaproof Water Based Cleaner Specific Protection for Grouting
Fila Surface Care Solutions

Fila Fugaproof Specific Protection for Grouting 750ml

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EAN 8008980000654
Size Litre 750ml

- The ultimate grout protection against dirt and stains
- Ready to use and easy to apply straight from the bottle
- Water-based, VOC free environmentally-friendly choice
- Won’t alter the colour of any grouting that it’s applied to
- Doesn’t leave behind an unpleasant odour

Full Description

Fila Fugaproof is the ultimate grout protection. It has been specially formulated to protect against dirt and staining agents building up in grout. The spray works by preventing water and stains from being absorbed into a surface. It’s a specialist cleaning product that helps remove dirt and is ideal for routine cleaning too. Fila Fugaproof is ready to use straight from the bottle and is safe to use with a spray applicator. With no dilution required, it’s an easy to use product. 

Fila Fugaproof is water-based and VOC free, which makes it an environmentally friendly choice to protect and clean grouting. The gentle yet powerful formula doesn’t alter the colour of grouting and doesn’t leave behind an unpleasant odour. Because Fila Fugaproof is water-based, treatment times have been drastically reduced. 

Suitable for Use On:
- All types of different grouting
- Surfaces with residual humidity 

Method of Use:
- No dilution is required as the product is ready to be used without mixing
- A patch test on a small area is recommended before being used fully
- Clean the surface using Fila Fuganet detergent first
- When the surface is clean and dry, spray Fila Fugaproof directly onto the grouting
- Ensure that the product is sprayed from between 10 and 15cm from the surface
- Dry and excess product after five minutes using a cloth or a paper kitchen towel
- If used on a floor, the surface can be walked on after four hours
- 750ml of product covers approximately 850 linear meters 

Other Information:
- The spray has been certified as having extremely low VOC emissions
- Certified certified GEV-EMICODE® - EC1Plus

The Fila Fugaproof grout protection spray is available through Tiling Logistics, the natural stone renovation specialists based in Birmingham. We strive for a same-day dispatch service and free delivery is available on orders over £75. 

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