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Stucco Colour Tint
Stucco Colour Tint Stucco Colour Tint Stucco Colour Tint
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Stucco Colour Tint Stukko Resin Mixer Colourant Floor and Wall Colour Tint - 30ml

From £10.74 £8.95
From £10.74 £8.95
More Information
Size Litre 30ml

- Permanently colours stucco surfaces
- Available in various colours
- Vibrant colours
- Mix to make different shades
- Easy to use

Full Description

Stucco is a cement-based plaster that is typically applied to both exterior and interior wall surfaces. While being cement-based, Stucco is a mixture of other natural substances. When dry it becomes hard and durable; Stucco is also low maintenance. Despite this, the colours will fade or the colour it originally has may not be what you wanted, this is where Stucco Colour Tint comes in.

Stucco Colour Tint is an excellent colourant for floor and wall surfaces. Depending on the amount of dye used and by mixing varying Stucco Colour Tint colours together, Stucco Colour Tint can create a range of shades of colour to suit your needs.

As it is easy to use, you will have no trouble applying this colour tint. 

Stucco Colour Tint is a tube of liquid colouring that should be used for toning stucco. The effects of using this colourant will be permanent on stucco. Having permanent effects means that the Stucco Colour Tint is cost-effective. This is due to the fact that you will not have to make more purchases once the first colour tint has worn away or faded.

It is available in a range of vibrant colours.

Stucco Colour Tint Colours:
- Red
- Blue
- Green
- Yellow 
- Black
- Brown
- White

Depending on how these colours are mixed, this tint offers many shades to match your surfaces. As a result, no colour is out of the realm of possibility after the purchase of this colour tint. This gives Stucco Colour Tint amazing versatility and range allowing it to satisfy all your needs. 

Furthermore, by using the black and white colourants, the colours already available or the ones you have created can be given different shades. This will help them to better meet your desires and prevent the resulting colourant from clashing with the rest of the room or environment.

- 30ml 

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