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ECOPROTEC Colour Enhancing Stone Sealer - Water-Based Impregnator
ECOPROTEC Colour Enhancing Stone Sealer - Water-Based Impregnator
Eco Protec

ECOPROTEC Colour Enhancing Stone Sealer

SALE From £24.11 £20.09 RRP £32.10
SALE From £24.11 £20.09 RRP £32.10
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- Water-Based Impregnating Sealer
- Up to 10 Years Protection
- Effective against rough cut, honed and polished stone 
- Repellent against water, oil and grease
- Provides an Enhanced Natural Finish

Full Description

EcoProTec Colour Enhancing Stone Sealer is the prime choice for a stone enhancing finish that will leave your surfaces looking as natural as possible. Water, oil and grease are no match for EcoProTec Colour Enhancing Stone Sealer as it effortlessly repels them. Staining will no longer be a problem with EcoProTec Stone Sealer on the case. Allow your surfaces to breathe easy with EcoProTec Colour Enhancing Stone Sealer. 

Regardless of whether the surface is rough cut, honed or polished EcoProTec Colour Enhancing Stone Sealer is sure to get the job done. This stone enhancing sealer and tile enhancing sealer is perfect for both interior and exterior surfaces. 

Suitable for Usage On:
- Natural Stone
- Artificial Stone
- Quarry
- Brick
- Concrete 

Tips for Usage:
- Shake bottle well before use
- Surface should be entirely clean, dry and without grime, cement, dirt or grout
- Consider washing surface with Stone and Tile Intensive cleaner diluted 1:10 using a white pad
- Rinse surface to remove residue and leave to dry for 24 hours
- When using on a vertical surface apply sealer from the bottom upwards
- Excessive amounts of sealer that has dried can be buffed out using a microfibre cloth or rotary machine with a buffing pad.

Method of Use:
- Rough cut, tumbled, textured or riven surfaces :
- Apply a liberal amount equally using a foam roller or paintbrush
- Apply additional coats on an hourly basis, on surfaces that a more absorbent, until they are fully saturated
- Honed, smooth and polished surfaces:
- Apply a generous amount evenly using a  lamb’s wool applicator, lint-free cloth, sealant applicator pad  or sponge
- Leave the area to dry
- Remove residual sealer if it remains after one hour

- Lower porosity surfaces - 15sqm per litre
- Higher porosity surfaces - 7.5sqm per litre
- Polished surfaces - 30sqm per litre 

- Store in a cool, frost-free, dry environment
- Store for no longer than 2 years

- Keep out of reach of children
- Do not use in temperatures under 5°C or over 25°C

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