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Faber HidroFab Ar Dirtproof Protective Wax Polish Satin Finish for Stone
Faber HidroFab Ar Dirtproof Protective Wax Polish Satin Finish for Stone

Faber HidroFab Ar Dirtproof Protective Wax Polish Satin Finish for Stone

From £29.64 £24.70
From £29.64 £24.70
More Information

- High-Quality Satin Finisher
- Protection Against Dirt And Staining
- Protection Against Foot Traffic
- Interior Only
- Water And Oil-Repellent

Full Description
Faber HidroFab Ar is a water-based wax-resin emulsion to use as a self-polishing, finishing treatment for floors in natural stone, cotto, concrete and porcelain stoneware, natural wood or parquet and textured ceramic tiles. Faber HidroFab Ar is particularly recommended for use on natural stone with a distressed, brushed or fine sanded finish and can also be used for excellent results on concrete, cementina and cement agglomerates, cotto, terracotta and porous surfaces in general

Faber HidroFab Ar leaves the surface with a satin finish and enhances the original colour tone of the material. Faber HidroFab Ar creates a protective layer that stands out for its excellent water- and oil-repellent characteristics, to protect the surface against the formation of stains. Faber HidroFab Ar seals the textured surface, creating a dirt-proof layer and making daily cleaning and maintenance operations on the floor much easier

Suitable For Use On:
- Marble/ Marble-cement Agglomerate
- Quartz-Resin Agglomerate
- Slate
- Sandstone
- Concrete
- Granite
- Natural and Textured Porcelain Stoneware
- Limestone
- Parquet/ Natural Wood
- Quartzite
- Terracotta
- Travertine
- Tuff

Coverage (1 Litre):
- Approximately 20 to 30 square metres, depending on the determined suitability for the surface

Method of Use:
- Thoroughly rinse the surface with clean water and allow it to dry, removing any dust or dirt
- Apply Faber HidroFab Ar in even coats to a clean and dry surface with a roller, creating an even layer across the surface and keeping the same applied direction
- Redistribute any built-up areas while still working with the product in that specific surface area, but NOT attempting to even out the layer of product material
- Leave for 2-3 hours to fully dry out, a second coat may be necessary once fully dried
- Apply the second coat in a perpendicular direction to the direction of the first coat, creating a “crisscross” application
- Use a mechanical polisher to clean up any flaws created by a build-up of product in a specific surface area and will also increase the surface shine

Additional Information:
- Do not apply Faber HidroFab Ar to wet or over-heated surfaces
- Any adjacent surfaces not being treated with Faber HidroFab Ar must be protected
- It is important to test the solution on an inconspicuous area before general application
- Surfaces must be between 5 and 40°C before application

The Faber HidroFab Ar is available through Tiling Logistics, the natural stone renovation specialists based in Birmingham. We strive for a same-day dispatch service and free delivery is available on orders over £75.
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