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Fila MP90 Water and Oil Repellent Protection for Stone
Fila MP90 Water and Oil Repellent Protection for Stone

Fila MP90 Professional Water and Oil Repellent Protection for Stone

SALE From £211.92 £176.60 RRP £235.20
SALE From £211.92 £176.60 RRP £235.20
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- Hampers water being absorbed into stone, tiles, and agglomerates 
- Doesn’t change the natural colour of the surfaces it’s used on
- Offers an anti-graffiti treatment for natural stone surfaces
- Ideal for protecting kitchen and bathroom surface tops
- Helps make surfaces easier to clean after treatment 

Full Description

Fila MP90 is a water and oil repellent treatment for polished porcelain tiles, marble and granite, and stone and agglomerates. It works by impregnating a surface then offers waterproof protection while making a surface easier to clean. 

The product doesn’t change the natural colour of surfaces and it doesn’t leave behind a surface film either. However, the surface remains breathable. Once a surface is treated with Fila MP90, the surface is suitable for food contact.

Suitable for Use On:
- Polished porcelain tiles
- Marble and granite
- Stone and agglomerates 

Coverage Information (1 Litre):
- Porcelain tiles: Approx 30 to 40 square meters
- Marble/Granite: Approx 30 square meters
- Venetian terrazzo: Approx 30 square meters 

Method of Use:
- No dilution is required to use Fila MP90 as it comes ready made in the container
- Apply the product evenly on a clean and dry surface using a brush
- Ensure that the grout lines are wetted when the product is being applied
- Use a microfiber cloth wetted with the product to remove residue before it dries
- Dry the surface completely using a clean cloth
- To speed up the process, you can treat the surface with a single disc floor scrubber
- On highly absorbent materials, apply two coats of the product with an 8 hour interval
- The surface can be walked on after 12 hours while protection is effective after 24 hours 

Additional Information:
- Before applying to a surface, carry out a test patch first to check for colour changes
- Do not apply the product externally if any rain is forecast
- Ensure good ventilation while using the product and while it is drying
- The product does not protect against acidic aggression 

Fila MP90 is available through Tiling Logistics, the natural stone renovation specialists based in Birmingham. We strive for a same-day dispatch service and free delivery is available on orders over £75.

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