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Hyper Grinder HG EXP 750
Hyper Grinder HG EXP 750 Hyper Grinder HG EXP 750 Low
Hyper Grinder

Hyper Grinder HG EXP 750 | Planetary Floor Grinder

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More Information
Working Speed 300-1300 RPM
Motor Size 20 HP
Voltage 400v 32Amp Red Plug
Water Tank 46 Litre
Size 750mm

- Planetary grinding and cleaning of large surfaces
- Remote-control and autopilot features
- Variable speed and adjustable head pressure
- Smoothes and prepares all surfaces for treatment
- Tempered stainless steel gearbox with thermo-hardened gears

Full Description

Hyper Grinder HG EXP 750 is ideal for planetary grinding and cleaning large surfaces due to it being the most versatile and best-selling machine on the EXP series. Whether it's remote-controlled or through autopilot, Hyper Grinder HG EXP 750 reduces the physical labor and effort put into treating floors. 

Hyper Grinder has developed unique remote automatic control features for grinding and polishing. This fantastic system is known as AT (Auto Pilot) and allows Hyper Grinder machines like Hyper Grind HG EXP 750 to work on an entire area with the ability to manure forward, left, right and back to ensure no surface is untreated. In addition, users of Hyper Grinder HG EXP 750 are able to change the variables of the machine with a practical remote control. Every function the Hyper Grinder HG EXP 750 can do is also possible through remote control. 

This machine can operate at variable speeds and has adjustable working head pressure allowing for it to be more effective on different surfaces and for it to meet differing needs. Hyper Grinder HG EXP 750 also has a floating head and onboard batteries for self displacement so it can be used wirelessly in open areas. 

Hyper Grinder HG EXP 750 is suitable to be used for a plethora of floor treatments. 

Hyper Grinder HG EXP 750 Applications:
- Smoothing and preparation
- Gets rid of unevenness on concrete
- Removes resin, glues, paints and other residues
- Gives industrial concrete, marble and granite a glossy polish and mirror-like appearance

With its third wheel, Hyper Grinder HG EXP 750 is easy to operate over narrow and large surfaces. It also has automatic planetary lifting that makes loading and unloading this product a lot less stressful. The Hyper Grinder HG EXP 750 is compatible with and can quickly attach various diamond tools. The gearbox is made of tempered stainless steel.

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