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Hyper Grinder HyperLevi 450VS
Hyper Grinder HyperLevi 450VS Hyper Grinder HyperLevi 450VS Hyper Grinder HyperLevi 450VS
Hyper Grinder

Hyper Grinder HyperLevi 450VS Top

SALE £6,907.62 £5,756.35 RRP £7,675.14
More Information
Machine Model Size 18 Inch
Working Speed Machine Mode 120-250 RPM Planeatry Head On 600-1300 RPM
Motor Size 4 HP
Machine Model Variation Manual
Voltage 230v 13Amp 3 Pin Plug
Water Tank 20 Litre

- High performance and compact grinding and polishing machine
- Large collection of accessories 
- Stable and easy to handle
- New motors reduced wasted power making it efficient 
- Compatible with grinding and polishing diamond tools

Full Description

 Hyper Grinder HyperLevi 450VS is the ultimate result of Hyper Grinder’s innovation and development. After 30 years of experience, Hyper Grinder has designed, created and tested its products to ensure they can perform to the greatest extent. Hyper Grinder HyperLevi 450VS is a high-performance and compact multifunctional grinding and polishing machine.

Hyper Grinder HyperLevi 450VS has new motors and inverters that decrease the power wasted when the product is being used, thereby increasing its efficiency. Hyper Grinder HyperLevi 450VS is easy to move and stable which makes using it much easier than its competitors. It can also be used at variable speed so that in different scenarios it can still perform to its best. 

This machine has a large collection of accessories that make it perfect for tackling a large number of situations. 

Hyper Grinder HyperLevi 450VS Accessories:
- Bush Hammer
- Sandblasting
- PDC Scrapper
- PDC Hyper Scrapper
- TCK Arrow
- Ready Cool
- TCK Series
- HG-P
- HG-X
- HG-S
- HG-A
- BT Round
- Trapezoids Tools
- Spring hold system
- Jumpy Green
- BT Round
- Jumpy Yellow
- Series MTM
- Jumpy Orange
- Series GM
- Jumpy Red
-  Pavelux
- Antique Brush
- Tools Box

Furthermore, Hyper Grinder HyperLevi 450VS is compatible with any grinding and polishing diamond tools and single brush accessories.

Hyper Grinder HyperLevi 450VS  has a H1200 mono-directional planetary with hardened steel gear features that make this machine robust and extends its life service. Hyper Grinder HyperLevi 450VS is the perfect tool for preparation, grinding and polishing whatever surfaces you need. 

Due to the newly developed elastic couplings on each tool holder, the H1500 planetary ensures the utmost reliability and maneuverability even in the most troubling grinding steps. The H1200 planetary can be released in a very short amount of time, as little as a few seconds, and brushes or drivers for abrasive discs can be put in its place. These abrasive should be 17”/430mm in diameter.

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