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Hypershredder 500. Cardboard shredder.
Hypershredder 500. Cardboard shredder.
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Hypershredder 500 | Cardboard Shredder

From £8,394.00 £6,995.00
From £8,394.00 £6,995.00
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- Cardboard shredder for used or unusable cardboard
- Three-phase motor with 3 HP
- 10m³ per hour cutting capacity
- Thermo-hardened steel blades
- 12-month warranty

Full Description

In your search for the best shredder to help you cut through used and unusable cardboard into just the ideal size for storage and disposal without costing you large amounts of money, time and effort, look no further than Hypershredder 500.

Hypershedder 500 has a cutting speed of 14m per minute giving it the second-fastest cutting speed of the entire series ensuring it will cut through a great amount of cardboard in time. Additionally, it has a cutting capacity of 10m³ and can continuously shred for up to hours with fail.

Hypershredder 500 has a cutting outlet width of 500mm and a length of 18mm. It has a leg kit.

As it has both a single and three-phase motor with 3 HP, this cardboard shredder is sure to perpetually transform all cardboard it is faced with to a more fitting size for all of your wants and packaging needs. 

This cardboard shredder is well equipped to live a long life because it has thermo-hardened steel blades. Hypershredder 500 has a blade inspection window allowing you to see the blades to check for any issues in the event that problems arise. 

As opposed to Hypershredder 299, Hypershredder 500 is available in the Coriandoli CHIPS version which alters the shape cardboard is cut in for your preference. The CHIPS version has parking brakes on the wheels that stop it from moving when not in use. Parking brakes stop the occurrence of any accidents, crashes or damage been done to Hypershredder 500.

Other than cardboard, Hypershredder 500 can go through a range of materials for your benefit.

Suitable for Use On:
- Credit Cards
- Stapled Cardboard
- CDs
- Floppy disks

Hypershredder 500 has a lateral opening for excess cardboard to be automatically cut without additional input. As a result of this lateral opening, this shredder can cut cardboard that is wider than 100cm. This shredder has a simple and easy to use control panel. Hypershredder 500 also has an emergency stop button so in the event of any accidents or mishaps, this shredder can be stopped.

The durability of this product is further enhanced by its motor that has been designed and built to last. In fact, the entire structure of this 3HP cardboard shredder is completely made of steel and sheet metal making it robust and sturdy. 

Hypershredder 500 is 100% in Italy. 

Hypershredder 500 has a 12-month warranty.  

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