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Interchangable Drive Boards and Brushes for Rotary Machines

Do You Know About The Interchangeable Brush System - CROBBER
The interchangeable brush system is the innovation in the floor cleaning sector with its perfect combination of commercial and ecological aspects: the separation of traditional disk brushes into two elements, the disk brush and the coupler module.
The coupling module is purchased just once to fit the relevant machine, and can go on being used without a problem when the brush being used has worn out. The coupling module can also be combined with other brush types as and when required.
The coupling module is form-fitted to the disk brush by a bayonet fastener with no play at all. This fastening offers maximum stability comparable in every respect to that of a traditional disk brush. It is outstandingly rugged and tough.
The connection is suitable for both clockwise and anti-clockwise rotating drives. The coupling module is suitable for all the brushes in the portfolio.
The coupling module is available for a variety of brands on the market such as the following
Numatic, Cleanfix, Victor, Wirbel, Viper, Nilfisk, Wetrok, Klindex, Tennant, Comac, Hako the list is almost endless and further development coming up on other brands.

So why you may ask?
• It comes down to cost effectiveness to minimise consumables not only for the supplier but the end user also.
• Expenditure for consumables is minimised thanks to long term usage of the coupling module
• The entire brush portfolio can be combined with a single coupling module, irrespective of the brush and diameter.
• Warehousing costs for consumables are thus also reduced on a permanent basis.
• Very well made in Germany to the highest standards
The interchangeable brush system is highly efficient in terms of costs vs benefits. We were completely successful in our aim to produce a fully functioning disk brush or drive disk while dramatically reducing material consumption.
And that makes the supplier and the end user a WINNER!

You can browse our full range of brushes and pads on our website. For more information please contact us on 0121 773 9129.

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