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Cleaning and Sealing Grout

A lot of tile instalations are let down by the grout and not just the tiles. So before you think about replacing grout or the whole instalitions why not consider cleaning or rejuvenating your floor or wall tiles.

First lets understand the reason why your grout becomes dirty. Your grout is recessed this is because of the way it has to be grouted by the installer. So as you mop your floor and go across the grout dirt particles drop inbetween the grout joints and over time this builds up.

mop tile(1)

If you have not sealed your grout on installation then the dirt can become ingrained making it harder to clean and sometimes permantley staining your grout.

So to solve these issues you have a couple of options.

Option One: Heavy Duty Tile & Grout Cleaner

Before I give you option two I want to explain grout colouring to you. Re-colouring your grout gives you the option to completely transform your grout to a colour you prefer or stay the same. It turns the grout into a epoxy so as well as changing the colour of your grout it seals it at the same time. It makes the grout water-proof and stain resistant and this in turn makes it easier to maintain.

Grout Re-colouring

Option Two: Grout Colouring

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