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Klindex United Kingdom

Tiling Logistics is the only Master Distributor vetted and verified by Klindex SRL we sell there whole range. As well as this most machines come with ...

Installing and Sealing Marrakech Cement Tiles

Step 1 – Fixing / Setting the tilesSince the tiles are hand-made and therefore subject to color variations we recommend that you batch mix them ra...

Cleaning and Sealing Grout the Right Way

A lot of tile installations are let down by the grout and not just the tiles. So before you think about replacing grout or the whole installation...

What cleaner should I use for natural stone?

Avoid using general cleaners not specifically designed for natural stone, ceramic/porcelain tile or grout,  Some of these general cleaners (i...

Why should my stone, tile and grout be sealed?

You have made a big investment and should not stop with just the installation of it.  By sealing your stone, tile or grout you are providing a ba...

How to Clean and Restore Marble

A relative to limestone, marble is a stunning material used to adorn walls, floors, counter tops and other surfaces. However, without the right c...

Interchangeable Brush System

Do You Know About The Interchangeable Brush System The interchangeable brush system is the innovation in the floor cleaning sector with its perfect c...