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Cleaning Powders

Cleaning Powders

Miracle Haze B Gone - Grout Haze Remover Mitt

£12.95 Ex Tax: £10.79

Miracle Sealants Haze B Gone is a safe, environmentally friendly and easy-to-use method for removing Portland cement, grout haze and mortar residue fr..


Miracle Poultice Plus - Stain-Absorbing Powder

£16.96 Ex Tax: £14.13

Miracle Sealants Poultice Plus is an easy to use, fine, non-acidic absorbent powder designed to work with different cleaners/chemicals to draw out mos..


PSRP POULTICE PRO Marble Stain Remover

£14.99 Ex Tax: £12.49

PSRP Poultice Pro Stain Remover Poultice Pro is a dual purpose, non-acidic stain remover. It is an absorptive clay that is designed to remove deep-s..

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