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Aerial Flood Equipment

Aerial Flood Equipment

AERIAL, Germany’s biggest manufacturer of air dehumidifiers
based on the energy-saving condensation principle. For more than 20 years
we have been developing, producing and marketing building dryers, air dehumidifiers
and drying equipment.

Aerial AD 430 Condensation Dryer Dehumidifier

£859.20 Ex Tax: £716.00

The new AD 430 Modern, fresh look combined with easy handling and high performance. The ideal tool for many drying tasks: High performanc..


Aerial AD 750-P Condensation Dryer (PUMP OUT)

£1,314.00 Ex Tax: £1,095.00

The AD 7 series are the result of many years of experience and development, and are among the most advanced air dehumidifiers currently available on t..


Aerial ASE 200 Adsorption Dryer

£1,243.20 Ex Tax: £1,036.00

Aerial ASE 200 Adsorption Dryer High-performance rotor optimised for maximum water uptake under different intake conditions. The surface of the ro..


Aerial WT230 Dehumidifiers

£1,051.20 Ex Tax: £876.00


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