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PSRP Non-Acidic Rust Remover

PSRP Non-Acidic Rust Remover

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    PSRP Rust Remover
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This fast acting non acidic rust remover is designed to remove rust stains from delicate surfaces where other rust removers cannot be used due to their corrosive nature.

PSRP Non-Acid Rust Remover converts rust compounds into a water soluble solution that will change colour on activation. This can be rinsed away with clean water. 

The neutral pH allows for a wider range of uses.

Non-Acid Rust Remover is highly concentrated and efficient at removing rust and oxidisation from Marble, Stone, Wood, Paint, Fibreglass, Concrete and Limestone.

  • Easy to use.
  • Fast acting.
  • Changes colour when working.
  • Water rinsable.
  • pH neutral.
  • Non acidic.