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Fila PW10

Fila PW10

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Whats it for?

  • Efflorescence blocking sealant to be applied on the back of tiles and absorbent paving slabs.
  • The product stops contaminants rising up from the substrate to the material surface (salts, tannin, oxides etc.), preventing the formation of streaks and/or stains.
  • Pre fixing protector.
  • Specific product for natural stones, granite, marble, agglomerates, terracotta and absorbent materials.


  • The product stops contaminants rising up from the substrate and prevents the formation of stains and streaks on the surface.
  • It does not form a surface film and allows treated materials to breathe.
  • It does not alter the adhesive and grouting adhesion (UNI EN 1348-2009 e ASTM C482-02 R-2009).
  • Water-based product - VOC free.
  • Permanent protection.
  • Ideal for floors and all surfaces.

Ideal for

  • Back Surface Of Natural Stones
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Agglomerates
  • Terracotta And Absorbent Materials

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