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Klindex Maxi Orbit 2 1500

Klindex Maxi Orbit 2 1500

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    Maxi Orbit 2 with tank
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The Advanced roto-orbital single disc machine


This Model Includes Tank and Driveboard


Klindex Maxi Orbit, is the all new advanced professional multipurpose single brush which also makes it easy and quick working on all types of surfaces.

The machine is suitable for applications such as:





Light Grinding on surfaces such as marble, limestone, concrete, stone, wood.


The maxi Orbit is also ideal for delicate surfaces like carpets and rugs.

The oscillating head adapts to all surfaces and allows to work easily even on uneven surfaces dramatically reducing fatigue. The varied amount of accessories and the big wheels on the ground make working simple and efficient. Thanks to it's high frequency oscillations roto-orbital principle, Maxi orbit will amaze you with its excellent stability and manoeuvrability making the crystallization operations with steel wool fast, easy and effortless!


The Robust and compact chassis, the reinforced rod’s and ergonomic handle, large wheels, it’s low weight and the release system of the main components (optional) make the Maxi Orbit a strong machine and very easy to carry.

Thanks to it’s advance roti-orbital motion technology, Maxi Orbit offers excellent performance while keeping great stability and a unique ease of handling at the same time allowing less skilled or even those with little strength to operate the machine.