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Klindex Stone Soap
Klindex Stone Soap Klindex Stone Soap

Klindex Stone Soap Cleaner and Impregnating Sealer 5L

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EAN 5060283379298
Size Litre 5L

• Daily cleaner and impregnating sealer for stone.

• Waterproof and high gloss properties.

Full Description
Klindex Stone Soap

Klindex Stone Soap is a neutral environmental product which has a unique combination of natural fatty acids which reacts with the calcium that is present in many stone/concrete floors to form a water insoluble and dirt repellent barrier. This temporarily prevents water transferred dirt from penetrating the concrete/natural stone surface, which facilitates daily maintenance. Grout lines are also cleaned and protected by the product. Stone Soap can also be used on linoleum floors that do not have any wax or polish on them. Remove the wax or polish before using the product. Stone Soap does not require rinsing or buffing, it protects, contains no solvents, is slip resistant, non-acidic, brightens and conditions the concrete/natural stone floor, reduces the costs by minimal labour required the floor breathes (diffusion open) and does not change the patina/look of the surface.

Klindex Stone Soap Application
For daily maintenance and cleaning of all types of natural stone floors, unglazed ceramic floor surfaces, terrazzo, wooden floors and linoleum. (Manual cleaning or auto scrubber).
Stone Soap is concentrated for machine- or manual cleaning and maintenance of all water-resistant floors.
Manual method Daily cleaning 0,5 – 1 dl to 10 litres of water. Basic impregnation 1-2 litres to 10 litres of lukewarm water, depending of the porosity of the floor/surface. A high gloss floor needs less, dilution ratio 1:10. The surface has to be free from dirt, oil, lime and residues of cement.
Auto scrubber0,5 - 1 dl to 10 litres of water (normal dirt) 3 dl to 10 lit (heavy dirt)

Klindex Stone Soap Recommended Dilution
Main impregnation: 1 l. to 3 l. water. Diamond Life extender: 0,5 dl. to 10 l. water. Manual cleaning: 0,5 dl to 10 l. water. Damp mopping: 1 dl to 10 l. water. Auto scrubber: 1 dl to 10 l. water.

Klindex Stone Soap Environmental Information
Stone Soap is a unique combination of natural ingredients. Biologically degradable in accordance with OECD guidelines. Ph 8 in in-use solution. Packaging sorted as rigid plastic. Development and manufacturing certified in accordance with ISA 9001 and ISO 14001.
This information corresponds to our actual knowledge.
Nevertheless, as product use conditions are out of our control, we can’t take responsibilities of incorrect use consequences. We recommend doing a previous test with the product, where it wants to be applied, to evaluate the results.
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