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LTP Mattstone H2O Water Based Impregnating Sealer
LTP Mattstone H2O Water Based Impregnating Sealer
LTP Tile and Stone Cleaning, Sealing and Maintenance

LTP Mattstone H20 Water Based Impregnating Sealer

SALE From £26.24 £21.87 RRP £34.97
SALE From £26.24 £21.87 RRP £34.97
More Information

- LTP Mattstone H2O Water-based impregnating Sealer
- Delicately enhances colours
- Offer protection against staining, oil, grease and water
- Environmentally safer and produces a low odour
- Allows surfaces to breathe

Full Description

LTP Mattstone H2O is a water based impregnating sealer capable of leaving surfaces with a natural finish while giving them a layer of protection.

LTP Mattstone H2O Protection Against:
- Staining
- Water
- Oil
- Grease

Despite being repellent to several substances, LTP Mattstone H2O allows surfaces to breathe. It will also delicately enhance the colours present on any surface it is applied to making them stand out. This stone sealer will only produce a low odour when applied so it can be used discreetly.

LTO Mattstone H2O Suitable for Use On:
- Natural stone
- Artificial Stone
- Quarry
- Brick
- Paving

Additionally, LTP Mattstone H2O is appropriate for both interior and exterior use which only elevates its versatility. Versatility ensures that this impregnating sealer will be able to meet your wants and needs.  LTP Mattstone H2O can also be used on floors that have no damp proof course.

LTP Mattstone H2O Coverage:
- Lower Porosity Surfaces: 15m2 (1L) or 75m2 (5L)
- Higher Porosity Surfaces: 7.5m2 (1L) or 37.5m2 (5L)
- Polished Surfaces: 30m2 (1L) or 150m2 (5L)

LTP Mattstone H2O Tips for Usage:
- Clean and dry the surface to be treated ensuring it is free of dirt, grime, cement and grout
- Wash the surface with LTP Grimex diluted 1:10 if necessary
- Rinse the surface well to get rid of residue and then allow it to dry
- Shake the bottle before use

LTP Mattstone H2O Method of Use:

- Rough cut, tumbled, textured or riven surfaces:
- Apply a generous amount evenly with a paintbrush or sponge
- Apply an additional coat on very absorbent surfaces at hourly intervals until the surface is completely saturated
- Remove the excess sealer using an absorbent towel after 1 hour

- Honed, smooth and polished surfaces:
- Apply a generous amount evenly with a lint-free cloth, paintbrush, sponge of lambswool applicator
- Allow the surface to dry
- Remove any residual sealer after 1 hour by rubbing it with a dry microfibre cloth

LTP Mattstone H2O Storage:
- Store in a cool, dry and frost-free environment
- Store for no longer than 2 years

LTP Mattstone H2O Caution:
- Contains 1,2-benzisothiazol-3(2H)-one and 1,2-benzisothiazolin-3- one(2634-33-5)
- Keep out of reach of children
- Causes skin irritation

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