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Sprintus Artos Wet/Dry Vacuum 50L Front
Sprintus Artos Wet/Dry Vacuum 50L Front Sprintus Artos Wet/Dry Vacuum 50L Side Sprintus Artos Wet/Dry Vacuum 50L Exploded Sprintus Artos Wet/Dry Vacuum 50L Parking Position Sprintus Artos Wet/Dry Vacuum 50L Blow Out function Sprintus Artos Wet/Dry Vacuum 50L Tube Sprintus Artos Wet/Dry Vacuum 50L accessory slot

Sprintus Artos Professional Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner 30L

£199.14 £165.95
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- Professional cleaning at a fair price
- Incredible volume flow rate: 14L per sec
- Cycle water separation with stable floater system
- Agile and easy to manoeuvre
- 1200W motor and strong stainless steel container 

Full Description

Sprintus Artos is the ideal wet/dry vacuum cleaner. Not only does it offer high performance and top quality cleaning, but it also does so at a fair price. 

Sprintus Artos is the newest member of the 30-litre class, but don’t let that deceive you.  

Since its foundation in 2007, Sprintus have developed, trialled and revised a wide range of wet and dry vacuum cleaners. Artos is actually the latest in Sprintus’ innovation process complete with new and distinct features.

Distinct features that allow Sprintus Artos to rise above the competition in both efficiency and capabilities. 

The first of these features is the cyclone water separation system with a stable floater system. This separates any coarse dirt and debris from the water being vacuumed. 

A cyclone water separation filter and floater system aren’t commonly seen in wet and dry vacuum cleaners at the entry-level class. 

Sprintus Artos also has a wide chassis and long wheelbase allow for the easy manoeuvring of this wet/dry vac. In fact, it can even be described as agile. 

The 360mm wide floor nozzle is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. What is more, this nozzle can be transformed from a wet floor nozzle to a dry floor nozzle by replacing the rubber strips with brush strips. Due to this, Sprintus Artos displays amazing versatility. 

Furthermore, Sprintus Artos has several first-rate components including a strong stainless-steel container and the 1200 Watt motor. 

These components ensure this wet and dry vacuum provides reliable and effective professional cleaning. 

This wet/dry vac also volume flow rate of 48 litres per second. This is an incredibly fast volume rate thus ensuring a rapid vacuum cleaning process that is much short than what alternatives on the market can offer. 

Overall, Sprintus Artos is the best wet and dry vacuum for powerful and professional vacuum cleaning and offers all of that at a reasonable price. 

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