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Miracle Sealer Applicator & Tray

Miracle Sealer Applicator & Tray

  • £8.95

  • Ex Tax:£7.46

The Miracle Sealants Sealer Applicator & Tray can be utilised with all Miracle sealing products (except Mira Matte), as well as sealers and enhancers from other brands. It has a unique foam pad that holds the sealer/enhancer within the pad. This foam aids in evenly distributing the product over the surface being treated and allows for a more controlled application. It also has a unique tray designed to hold the sealer/enhancer in it. Just pour the sealer/enhancer into the tray and run the Applicator through it to absorb the product. It has raised ribs that aid in extracting the excess sealer from the Applicator, preventing dripping and allowing for the most cost effective application of the product. The Miracle Sealer Applicator & Tray is for use with all natural stone and tile including but not limited to: marble, granite, limestone, travertine, slate, sandstone, cantera, concrete, terrazzo, saltillo, shell stone, bluestone, lapis, quarry tile, ceramic tile, porcelain ceramic tile, glazed ceramic tile, mosaic tile, glass tile, acrylic tile and more…