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Slurryvak 114
Slurryvak 114
Hyper Grinder

Slurryvak 114 | Dust Extractor | Tiling Logistics

£2,165.45 £1,804.54
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Voltage 230v 13Amp 3 Pin Plug

- Dust extractor ideal for collecting residue
- Tilting drum with 114-litre capacity
- 360-degree pivoting squeegee with lifting lever
-  Resistant against shock and aggressive acid
- Two powerful independent motors

Full Description

Slurryvak 114 is a dust extractor that is ideal for your use. With thirty years of experience under their belt, Hyper Grinder has been able to continually develop its products to the maximum extent. Each product has been designed and tested to perform at the highest level.

The Slurryvak 114 is no exception because of its powerful motor and 360-degree pivoting squeegee. Attributes such as these ones give Slurryvak 114 the suction capability to suck liquids in medium to large areas in significantly less time than its competitors on the market. The squeegee is 90cm and has a lever which allows it to be easily raised.

Thanks to its tilting shaft, this machine allows any liquids that have been collected to be quickly and efficiently disposed of. Slurryvak 114  can store up to 114 litres of water at a time so you can work for longer periods of time without needing to dispose of any water that has already been collected.

The suction power of this device is not to be overlooked and with its great maneuverability, Slurryvak 114 can consistently operate with maximum effectiveness. Having a high level of maneuverability allows this machine to work in both large and smaller areas without issue. It has two powerful independent engines. Give your surfaces the vital vacuum they need with Slurryvak 114 and get rid of the large amounts of residue left behind from grinding treatments on numerous types of surfaces.

Suitable for Usage On:
- Marble
- Stone
- Concrete

The drum of this machine is resistant to shock as well as aggressive chemicals making it very sturdy and durable. Slurryvak 114 is specifically designed to have a unique mechanical float system with an anti-foam filter and double protection for the motor unit. Due to this, the service of Slurryvak 114 is greatly elongated.

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