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klindex Stukko - Liquid or Knife Grade - Various Colours

klindex Stukko - Liquid or Knife Grade - Various Colours

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Full Stucco is an Italian professional resin specifically designed to repair damaged stone including but not limited to Marble, Granite and Travertine. However it will also repair Terrazzo and Limestone. It is a two part resin and can be coloured to suit the stone being repaired. It comes in a one litre tin with a seperate hardener. It is offered in five base colours Transparent, Straw, White, Black, Green & Red.  If you want to alter the base colour further you then need colour tints as well (See other listings) although usually one of the base colours suffices.   You would also be advised to purchase a professional heavy duty scraper to remove the excess because once this hardens it is usually harder than the stone itself. These scrapers are available in our other listings. You may also find that the purchase of the hand diamond pad sets are very useful.(See other listings)