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SYR Mop Bucket TC20 Kentucky
SYR Mop Bucket TC20 Kentucky SYR Mop Bucket TC20 Kentucky
SYR Clean

SYR TC20 Kentucky Large Mop Bucket

From £51.59 £42.99
From £51.59 £42.99
More Information
Size Litre 20L

- 20 Litre capacity bucket
- Robust legs with 75mm heavy-duty caster wheels
- All plastic wringer 
- Resistant to oil, grease and other chemicals
- Strong carry handle

Full Description

SYR Mop Bucket TC20 Kentucky 4 Colours is an exemplary mopping unit that is made with a 3” thick heavy-duty castor and portion control. This factor makes it extremely durable and resistant to the effects of continuous use or wear and tear. It will withstand everyday use and provide a long-lasting service so prepare for a long lifetime of service from this Large Mop Bucket.

SYR Mop Bucket TC20 Kentucky is guaranteed to make cleaning surfaces easy and get it done in no time at all.

It can hold up to 20 litres worth of liquid at one time. This mop bucket can handle mops from 340 gms up to 520 gms.

Furthermore, SYR Mop Bucket TC20 Kentucky has a tough carry handle and sturdy legs with 75mm castor wheels. The wheels on this mop are made of polyurethane castor which is more heavy-duty than its competitors being sold on the market. These wheels are able to carry heavier loads than other castor wheels such as rubber castor because of their toughness.

As opposed to its competitors, SYR Mop Bucket TC20 Kentucky can resist the effects of oil, grease and other chemicals. 

The mop bucket has centrally located handles that make it easy to lift and empty. It is moulded polypropylene with rounded corners and an all-plastic wringer. Having an all-plastic base means that this wringer is resistant to metal rust corrosion which ensures this product will live a long life.

It has a built-in gear action wringer that makes wringing the mop’s head a simple task. In addition, this mop bucket can easily be emptied in no time at all. This mop bucket is available in various colours.

SYR Mop Bucket TC20 Kentucky Colours:
- Red
- Yellow
- Blue
- Green

This mopping system is sold in different colours to prevent cross-contamination.

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