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SYR TC20 Steel Bucket Wringer
SYR TC20 Steel Bucket Wringer
SYR Clean

SYR TC20 Steel Bucket Wringer

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Size 1KG

- Heavy-duty steel bucket wringer
- Made from durable polypropylene plastic
- Mop clamps for pressing liquid out of a mop
- Gear-action wringer for more control
- Cast alloy cross member and tough glass nylon fibre gearing

Full Description

SYR TC20 Steel Bucket Wringer is a vital, heavy-duty replacement for the Kentucky TC20 mop buckets. As the base is made out of polypropylene plastic it is both sturdy and resistant to the effects of everyday wear and tear.

Furthermore, being made from polypropylene plastic means it will not fall victim to the effects of corrosion or rusting which consistently being exposed to water could cause. As part of a mopping system, this would likely be the case for SYR TC20 Steel Bucket Wringer. Polypropylene plastic and out of the plastics currently sold commercially, polypropylene is one of the safest.

Being made of polypropylene plastic, this wet floor sign is very resistant to chemicals such as dilute acids and dilute alkalis. It is also able to resist the effects of alcohol. To a lesser extent, polypropylene plastics are also capable of resisting the effects of oils and greases.

Acids and alkalis can be found in various cleaning chemicals and alcohol, oil and grease are all substances that a mop may be needed to clean. Any substance that a mop is exposed to will also be exposed to mop wringer, so it is important this one is resistant to these things.

SYR TC20 Steel Bucket Wringer also has a cast alloy cross member and tough glass nylon fibre gearing and pressure bars. These attributes only further elevate this mop wringer’s durability and extend its lifespan.

Having gear action lets SYR TC20 Steel Bucket Wringer give its user more control over how they choose to use this product. The built-in gear action of this wringer makes wringing out mops nothing but a simple task.

This mop wringer has clamps to let mops easily attach to the wringer. Due to this, using the wringer becomes much easier and the maximum amount of liquid can be pressed out of the mop being used.

SYR TC20 Steel Bucket Wringer is suitable for mops ranging from 227gms up to 454gms.

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