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SYR CONTICO Lambswool Flick Duster
SYR CONTICO Lambswool Flick Duster
SYR Clean

SYR CONTICO Lambswool Flick Duster

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EAN 5032708036758
Size 500G

- Tradition lambswool dusting head
- Extended handles for further reach
- Can be washed and reused
- Attracts and traps dust and dirt
- Soft fibres to prevent scratching

Full Description

SYR CONTICO Lambswool Flick Duster is a traditional lambswool dusting head. This flick duster is the perfect tool for everyday cleaning. It has a straightforward design, yet it is this design that helps it to easily achieve its goals. 

Due to its long handles, this product has extended reach which is ideal for hard-to-reach places, either high up or down low.  Due to its size and length, it can also get into awkward and narrow spaces where dust and dirt may get trapped.

This duster is as simple and easy to use as it appears but despite this, it is very effective. SYR CONTICO Lambswool Flick Duster is also lightweight making it even easier to use and allowing you to lift it up to get to any difficult to reach places that may be up high.

The lambswool doesn’t just wipe away dust and dirt; it can easily trap it, preventing the filth from simply being wiped around your property and landing on different surfaces. The head of this flick duster attracts dust and dirt, increasing its efficiency and reducing the amount of effort the user needs to achieve the results they desire. 

After use, this duster should be washed to remove any dust or dirt it has collected. The head of SYR CONTICO Lambswool Flick Duster is able to be washed and reused without losing its initial effectiveness. This ensures it can continue to work effectively long after its first use. 

Additionally, the head of this flick duster is made of soft fibres that stop it from scratching or damaging any surface it is used while getting rid of any dust or dirt. In fact, lambswool is one of the softer fibres sold on the market. Not only is lambswool soft, it is durable which gives this SYR CONTICO Lambswool Flick Duster a long life.

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