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Machines and Equipment

Machines and Equipment

Best Stone and Hard Flooring Grinding Machines UK Supplier for Floor and Tile Restoration

Experience the difference of working with the best in the British industry for flooring and tile restoration access the cream of the premium floor restoration machines.

Unleash the best industry experience and reveal the full beauty of your flooring restoration with our range of premium floor restoration machines. From concrete and hard stone flooring grinding training and products, to counter top polishing machinery, you'll benefit with our industry-leading expertise since 2005.

Tiling Logistics was founded as a result of a time-served and dedicated career in engineering that commenced in the mid-1970s. Kevin Martin'd extensive and enduring presence in the industry bears testimony to our longstanding commitment to excellence to all commercial craftsmen and the DIY general public alike.

How to Polish Concrete and Refurbish Stone Tiles Like a Pro - One Stop Shop of Machinery, Pads and Supplies

Our goal is to ensure all customers feel confident and capable throughout their search for the best stone floor grinding, polishing and tile restoration supplies. Buy cleaners, surface protection, tools, accessories and machines with a smooth online ordering process.

However you'd prefer to speak to us on the phone 0121 7739129, email your questions, and absorb in-depth blog articles for product recommendations and equipment techniques that produce maximum results.  Tiling Logistics is also running our own concrete polishing training course to improve your understanding of the polishing process and other hard floor treatments. You will learn how to recolour and harden stone flooring and achieve your chosen finish.

Tiling Logistics is the UK's favourite supplier of the best hard stone and concrete flooring restoration machines in the UK. We offer a wide range of pro and expert machines from leading global brands, including Hypergrinder and Klindex. Our machines are designed to restore even the most damaged stone floors and old tiles to their former glory, and we offer free delivery on all machine orders over £500.

  • Hyper Grinder HG ROK
  • Hyper Grinder Lion 430 Variable Speed Plus CPL
  • Hyper Grinder HG KR17 3HP CPL
  • Hyper Grinder HG 17 FUT (Futura) Variable Speed CPL
  • Hyper Grinder Titan Floor Grinder
  • Hyper Grinder HyperLevi 450VS Top
  • Hyper Counter Top Grinding and Worktop Polishing Machine
  • Hypergrinder Concrete Kit 9.5" / 240mm
  • Hyper Grinder HG Baby ROK
  • Klindex Levighetor Series Variable Speed TOP
  • Klindex Waterfire Hand Grinder Polishing Machine Adjustable Head
  • Klindex Extrema Edging Grinding Polishing Machine
  • Klindex Rocky 17" CPL Tank, brush and Driveboard Inc
  • Hard Flooring Polishers and Grinders for Stone, Concrete and Tiled Floors

    Concrete polishing machines are a great way to improve the look and feel of your concrete floors. They can remove blemishes and imperfections, leaving a smooth, even surface that is resistant to staining and scratches. This makes them a cost-effective and long-lasting flooring solution.

    Advice: Different Concrete Grinding and Polishing Pads and Their Uses

    As a long-established family company through the generations, we offer comprehensive support for non-technical DIY customers as well as businesses who provide floor restoration services from local Birmigham, to all corners of England, Wales and Scotland. Check the delivery service for your region:

    Do your research: Before you start polishing, it is important to do your research and understand the different types of polishing machines and pads available online at the Tiling Logistics store. Remember, you can always visit us in Birmigham to chat with a lovely human who will help you choose the right machine and pads for your specific needs.

    The type of polishing pad that is used will depend on the condition of the concrete and the desired finish.

    Metal-bonded pads are the most common type of polishing pad used for concrete. They are made of a metal backing with diamond segments embedded in them. The diamond segments are what do the actual polishing, and they can be made of different grits, depending on the desired finish. Metal-bonded pads are very effective at grinding and leveling the concrete surface, making them a good choice for rough or uneven concrete.

    Hybrid pads combine metal-bonded and resin-bonded segments. This gives them a balance of grinding and polishing capabilities, making them a good choice for concrete that is in need of both surface leveling and polishing. Hybrid pads are not as effective as metal-bonded pads for grinding, but they are more durable and can last longer.

    Resin-bonded pads are primarily used for polishing the concrete surface. They are made of a resin backing with diamond segments embedded in them. The resin backing is softer than the metal backing on metal-bonded pads, which makes resin-bonded pads less aggressive and better suited for polishing. Resin-bonded pads come in different grit levels, allowing for gradual refinement of the surface.

    For rough or uneven concrete, a metal-bonded pad is a good choice. For concrete that is in need of both surface leveling and polishing, a hybrid pad is a good option. For polishing concrete to a high shine, a resin-bonded pad is the best choice.

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