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SYR Deodoscreen Urinal Screen
SYR Deodoscreen Urinal Screen
SYR Clean

SYR Deodoscreen Urinal Screen

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- 12x Deodescreen urinal screen
- Kills unpleasant aromas
- Emits a satisfying floral scent for up to 30 days
- Made of flexible plastic for high durability
- Made for heavily trafficked restrooms

Full Description

SYR Deodoscreen Urinal Screen Washroom Bathroom Freshener uses an impregnated deodorant that is designed to provide a satisfying floral scent that lasts for up to 30 days.

As urinal screens are sold in packs of 12, you are sure to get 12 months worth of fresh-smelling urinals. As well as emitting a pleasant aroma, SYR Deodoscreen Urinal Screen will kill any unpleasant aromas coming from the urinal.

Although, even after 30 days, SYR Deodoscreen Urinal Screen will not lose its effectiveness as a urinal screen and still protect your urinals.

These urinal screens are made of flexible plastic which makes it resistant to cracking, chipping, peeling and breaking. As a result, it is guaranteed to provide long-lasting protection for urinals and with 12 in a pack this protection will last for many years to come.

Being made of plastic means SYR Deodoscreen Urinal Screen is resistant to corrosion caused by water which is very beneficial as a urinal screen will be constantly exposed to water and other liquids.

These urinal screens have been specifically designed for heavily trafficked restrooms such as commercial and public properties namely: hotels, restaurants, hospitals and more.

It stops litter and unwanted waste from entering the drain. Unwanted waste could lead to blockage in the sewers and this will damage sewers and drains. Issues that may arise from this include: flooding, sewage spills and bad odors. Prevent all this by using SYR Deodoscreen Urinal Screen. This 12 pack of urinal screens will give you 12 months worth of protection and prevent these outcomes.

SYR Deodoscreen Urinal Screen fits perfectly into the bottom of urinals. This is due to its flexibility allowing it to bend without tearing or being damaged and fit into the urinal. Once in the urinal, it will stay firmly in place allowing for repeated use without moving or falling out. 

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