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Wire Wool Extra Fine
Wire Wool Extra Fine
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Wire Wool Extra fine 0000 450 Grams

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- Extra Fine Wire Wool for crystallisation pads
- Crystallisation pads for delicate surfaces
- Suitable for metal such as copper or bronze
- Will not leave scratches and marks
- Polish metal with soapy water

Full Description

Wire Wool Extra Fine is a great quality wire wool made of steel to form pads for crystallisation. This steel wire wool is a flexible abrasive. Being flexible makes it much easier to shape this wire wool the way you want it.

As indicated by 0000, this wire wool is extra fine and in fact, it is the finest wire wool that is available on the market.

Due to this, Wire Wool Extra Fine is perfect to create crystallisation pads to be used on, although not limited to, delicate surfaces such as bronze or copper.

Suitable for Usage On:
- Porcelain
- Marble
- Glass

This steel wire wool is very soft to touch and when used correctly will enable you to achieve a very professional antique finish. It being soft to touch means Wire Wool Extra Fine is not uncomfortable to use in the slightest; in fact, being so soft makes it easier to use.

The ease of use provided from this wire wool is further verified by it being lightweight. As it is lightweight, Wire Wool Extra Fine can be used without putting stress or pressure on the user which could lead to injury.

It can be used on these surfaces with soapy water. Being the finest grade of wire wool, Wire Wool Extra Fine is vital for polishing metals without damaging them and leaving scratches or marks as opposed to fine, medium or coarse grade wire wool. Additionally, Wire Wool Extra Fine can be used to cut back between coats of varnish or paint.

What is more, extra fine wire wool can be used to remove dirt and dust from surfaces. As a result, the need to clean surfaces before waxing is removed. Wire Wool Extra Fine is also appropriate for the correct application of wax and polish.

- 450 grams / 1lb

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