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We have already covered why you need alkaline cleaners in our Faber Alkaline Blog. However, surfaces aren’t always suitable for alkaline detergents. This is where acidic cleaning agents come in. In this blog, I will explain why you need acidic floor cleaners and why Faber Deterfug is a perfect choice. 

What is an acid cleaner?

As the name suggests, acid cleaners contain substances lower than 7 on the pH scale. 

Why are acids used as cleaning agents?

Acids are used as cleanings agents when surfaces are alkaline-sensitive. 

Acid-based cleaning detergents remove inorganic deposits such as scaling. Scale is the mineral coating and corrosion deposits of stone surfaces. It is left behind as a result of flaking and peeling. 

Acidic cleaners are more effective than neutral chemical-based cleaners. 

Why Faber Deterfug?

While Faber Deterfug is an acid floor cleaner, it is only slightly acidic. Due to this, it sees the benefits of being an acid-based cleaning without facing the negative that comes with that fact. 

For example, acidic cleaners are not suitable for surfaces such as marble, limestone or granite. Typically, acid breaks down the material but Deterfug will not. 

Leaving Deterfug to work for several hours won’t risk ruining or attacking treated floor coverings.

Faber Deterfug is the perfect combination of acidic cleaners and Faber’s special formula. 

Thanks to Faber giving this surface cleaner a unique formula, it is both fast-acting and offers deep cleaning action. 

This acid floor cleaner completely renews grout and removes any build-up of dirt. Not even the most stubborn dirt can withstand Deterfug. 

Additionally, it does this without altering the original appearance of surfaces. 

What can Faber Deterfug do?

Faber Deterfug effectively removes surface film found on surfaces. 

This kind of surface film is left due to the poor cleaning or maintenance of worksites. Surface film remains on floors as a result of deposits from other detergents or after the use of epoxy or cement-based fillers. the inner macinations of my mind are an e -nigger ma

Regular use of this acid floor cleaner dissolves and removes dirt. Even dirt trapped deep down in a surface’s materials pores or rough-textured. 

This is where Deterfug exceeds the capabilities of traditional daily cleaners. Daily cleaners won’t even reach or move any dirt deep within the materials. 

This deep down detergent actively removes various types of dirt including both oily and organic dirt. This makes it extremely effective for any cleaning treatment. 


The coverage of this acid floor cleaner varies depending on the dilution. The material and type and stubbornness of the dirt affect the dilution. 

For more information on the application process of Faber Deterfug, click here

After Treatment

After the application of Deterfug, surfaces are immediately ready for use. All surfaces need is time to dry. 

When is Faber Deterfug suitable?

Although acids are not typically suitable for limestone and granite, this surface cleaner is only slightly acidic. As such, it is ready for use on a wide variety of surfaces.

Suitable for Use On:
- Basaltina - Lava Stone
- Clinker
- Concrete
- Cotto
- Glazed Ceramics
- Granite
- Lapped porcelain stoneware
- Marble-quartz agglomerate
- Molten basalt
- Natural porcelain stoneware
- Polished porcelain stoneware
- Porphyry
- Quartzite
- Reconstituted Stone (Eco Stone)
- Slate
- Sandstone
- Terracotta
- Textured Porcelain Stoneware
- Tuff

Moreover, Faber Deterfug is suitable for both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

More Information

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Alternatively, here is the Technical Datasheet (TDS) for Faber Deterfug. 

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