How to: Get Scratches out of Dark Porcelain Ceramic Tiles
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Scratches and defects are inevitable, but their effects are preventable and reversible. Polishing porcelain ceramic tiles is a great way to offer protection to new surfaces. It maintains their brilliant appearance while protecting them from potential ruin. However, even polished porcelain tiles do scratch easily. To make matters worse, these scratch marks and defects are especially visible due to the polished finish. Avoid paying a massive amount of money to replace dark polished porcelain ceramic surfaces, start using Faber Shine Repair Dark before it’s too late.

What can Faber Shine Repair Dark do?


Scratch Repair and Removal

First and foremost, this scratch repair cream minimizes the appearance of scratch marks on dark tone glazed polished porcelain ceramic. 

Depending on their depth, this porcelain restoration cream will completely erase the presence of any scratch on your tiles. 

Even the deepest and most stubborn scratches and defects will fade after the use of this porcelain tile repair cream. 

Increase Sheen and Restore Shine

Over time, porcelain ceramic tiles will lose their amazing shine, becoming dull and pale. To worsen the issue, dull patches can appear sporadically across your surfaces. Due to this, they stand out even more than normal. 

Fortunately, Faber Shine Repair Dark effortlessly restores the sheen of dark polished porcelain ceramic tiles. 

No longer will you have to face the embarrassment of ugly and dreary tiles. As a result of this tile shine cream, your tiles will shine just as they once did, leaving any guests in awe and envy. 

Reduce Dirt Sensitivity

Furthermore, shine repair doesn’t just remove scratches and increase sheen. This porcelain restoration cream also reduces surfaces dirt sensitivity. 

This is especially useful where traditional cleaning methods are more difficult yet less effective.

Additionally, this scratch polish cream gives surfaces resistance to dirt. 

Are your surfaces suitable for Faber Shine Repair Dark?

This scratch remover is exclusively suitable for dark tone glazed polished porcelain ceramic tiles. This factor ensures that where alternatives on the market showcase their versatility, Shine Repair Dark will display its effectiveness.  

As it is exclusive for use on dark polished porcelain ceramic tiles, any results achieved are sure to be nothing but top-quality. 

It is also ready for use on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. 

Conversely, for light polished porcelain ceramic tiles use Faber Shine Repair Light

Before the use of this scratch polish, ensure surfaces are clean.

In addition, only apply this tile shine cream to surfaces that are between 5°C and 40°C.

How to get scratches out of Porcelain Ceramic tiles?


1. Apply Faber Shine Repair Dark to the surface

Shake the shine repair cream for at least 30 seconds before use. Then, pour a small amount onto the affected area. 

2. Buff Shine Repair Dark 

Begin buffing out scratches on the surface with a white pad in circular motions. Ensure the entire surface is treated evenly.

3. Allow time for the product to act

The time for this porcelain tile repair cream to act will differ depending on how deep and stubborn the scratches and defects are.

While the product is acting, continue to work the product which will help to achieve your desired result.

In some cases, a rotary hand tool with a white disk is needed. 

4. Rinse away any residue

Use plenty of water to rinse and remove any residue.


The treated dark polished porcelain ceramic surfaces are ready to use as soon as any residues are removed.

Moreover, there is absolutely no waiting time for surfaces to dry. 

After using Shine Repair Dark, we advise cleaning surfaces with Faber Floor Cleaner

More Information

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Alternatively, click here for the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for Faber Shine Repair Dark. 

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