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  1. Get Scratches out of Dark Porcelain Ceramic

    How to: Get Scratches out of Dark Porcelain Ceramic Tiles Faber Shine repair dark scratch repair tile shine porcelain tile repair buffing out scratches porcelain restoration cream scratch remover dark polished grazed porcelain ceramic Scratches and defects are inevitable, but their effects are preventable and reversible. Polishing porcelain ceramic tiles is a great way to offer protection to new surfaces. It maintains their brilliant appearance while protecting them from potential ruin. However, even polished porcelain tiles do scratch easily. To make matters worse, these scratch marks and defects are especially visible due to the polished finish. Avoid paying a massive amount of money to replace dark polished porcelain ceramic surfaces, start using Faber Shine Repair Dark before it’s too late. Continue reading →
  2. LTP Glaze Protector | Protecting Glazed Tiles

    LTP Glaze Protector highlighted on stone tile flooring LTP Glaze Protector | Protecting Glazed Tiles Are you still wondering how to best protect your unpolished tiles? LTP Glaze Protector is the answer. In this blog, we will go through why we recommend protecting your tiles and how it can solve all of your issues. Continue reading →
  3. LTP Power Stripper | The Importance Of Stripping

    LTP Power Stripper bottles on a construction site LTP Power Stripper | Why Should You Strip Your Surface? Have you ever wondered why people talk about stripping their surface and what that even means? LTP Power Stripper may help you understand and make it look effortless. In this blog, we will tell you the importance of stripping your surface, why you should do it and how to get started.  Continue reading →
  4. LTP MPG | Which Impregnating Sealer?

    LTP MPG on the marble kitchen counter top in a grey kitchen LTP MPG | Which Impregnating Sealer Should You Use? When presented with such a range of impregnating sealers, it can get very confusing and we're here to tell you why you should be considering LTP MPG. By now you should know the general information about impregnating sealers, if not we recommend reading our previous blogs.  In this blog, we will try to explain the difference between these sealers and what impregnating sealers you should be considering. Continue reading →
  5. Faber Scratch Off Kit: Expert Tile Repair Kit

    Faber Scratch Off Kit:  Scratch Removal for Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles Faber Scratch Off Kit For Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles and Slabs Surfaces Restoration Porcelain and ceramic are very beautiful and will immediately leave any visitors in awe. Although, their appearance does come at a cost and over time even the most resistant surfaces will develop defects and abrasions which take the attention away from your surfaces. Fortunately, Faber Scratch Off Kit is here to completely remove any scratches, dullness and defects on porcelain and ceramic surfaces.  Faber Scratch Off Kit is the perfect all in one porcelain and ceramic tile repair kit and here’s why.  Continue reading →
  6. LTP Porcelain Floor Cleaner | Porcelain Surfaces

    LTP Porcelain Floor Cleaner on a stone step next to a plant in the sun LTP Porcelain Floor Cleaner | Porcelain Surfaces When researching aftercare cleaners, you can be hit with a great deal of confusing information, including the LTP Porcelain Floor Cleaner.  In this blog, we will present to you all the information you will need to know when cleaning your beautiful porcelain floor. Continue reading →
  7. 6 Reasons why using Faber Star Shine is a MUST!

    6 Reasons why polishing with Faber Star Shine is a MUST! Faber Star Shine Polishing Cream for Granite Quartz and Porcelain Stoneware         As time passes, surfaces will dull and lose their shine, a shine that once captured the attention of all your visitors. To make matters worse, these surfaces will also show signs of wear and tear. Surfaces have small pores and holes that water can seep into and break apart your surfaces from within. Moreover, constant use and high traffic only worsen the surface's appearance. Fortunately, Faber Star Shine is here to combat these problems. Star Shine is a top-quality, water-based cream polish. Polished floor tiles will also be protected from future damage. It is the ideal polishing cream for quartz, granite and porcelain surfaces and here is why.  Continue reading →
  8. Faber Tile Cleaner: Deep Cleaning Detergent

    Faber Tile Cleaner: A Deep Cleaning Detergent for Tiles Faber Tile Cleaner Tiles Cleaner Tile Detergent Tiles Cleaner Acid Faber Tile and Stone Care Imagine a way to consistently achieve clean surfaces, and easily get rid of dirt and grout or any substances plaguing your surfaces. A simple detergent that penetrates surfaces to not only clean them externally but also clean them internally. Even after long periods of use and wear, it would keep surfaces as clean as when they were installed. This product exists, and it is called Faber Tile Cleaner.  Faber Tile Cleaner is a water-based cleaning detergent; it is slightly acidic yet crucial for the deep cleaning of a variety of surfaces. In fact, this detergent can clean any non-acid sensitive surface.  Continue reading →
  9. Are Scratch Marks Ruining Your Light Ceramic Tiles?

    Are Scratch Marks Ruining Your Light Ceramic Tiles? Faber Shine Repair Light                       Porcelain tiles can be very expensive, but it all seems worth it because of their amazing appearance. However, this will all be ruined if scratch marks and other defects are present. Scratches can completely draw any attention away from the rest of your beautiful surfaces. To avoid this, start using Faber Shine Repair Light today.  Continue reading →
  10. LTP Waxwash | Is Aftercare Important?

    LTP Waxwash 5-litre and 1-litre bottles on natural stone surface LTP Waxwash | Is Aftercare Really That Important? Every natural stone is porous with different levels of porosity. So, your stone surface will still become more vulnerable to spills and marks over time, even when sealed. To get the best out of your natural stone surface, particular maintenance needs to be kept on a semi-regular basis. In this blog, we will go through the importance of aftercare and one of the best cleaners we have found - LTP Waxwash. Continue reading →

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