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March 2022

  1. Get Scratches out of Dark Porcelain Ceramic

    How to: Get Scratches out of Dark Porcelain Ceramic Tiles Faber Shine repair dark scratch repair tile shine porcelain tile repair buffing out scratches porcelain restoration cream scratch remover dark polished grazed porcelain ceramic Scratches and defects are inevitable, but their effects are preventable and reversible. Polishing porcelain ceramic tiles is a great way to offer protection to new surfaces. It maintains their brilliant appearance while protecting them from potential ruin. However, even polished porcelain tiles do scratch easily. To make matters worse, these scratch marks and defects are especially visible due to the polished finish. Avoid paying a massive amount of money to replace dark polished porcelain ceramic surfaces, start using Faber Shine Repair Dark before it’s too late. Continue reading →
  2. LTP Glaze Protector | Protecting Glazed Tiles

    LTP Glaze Protector highlighted on stone tile flooring LTP Glaze Protector | Protecting Glazed Tiles Are you still wondering how to best protect your unpolished tiles? LTP Glaze Protector is the answer. In this blog, we will go through why we recommend protecting your tiles and how it can solve all of your issues. Continue reading →
  3. Why Faber Mar Gel Plus is the Best Rust Remover

      Why Faber Mar Gel Plus is the Best Rust Stain Remover Faber Mar Gel Plus Acid Sensitive Materials Rust Stain Remover 500ml Best Rust Remover Gel No matter how expensive your surfaces are, it is only a matter of time before they begin to rust. Rust stains and marks complete ruin the appearance any surface, sticking out like a sore thumb. However, this isn’t the worse of it. Rust also penetrates surfaces and damages them from the inside. To avoid this outcome, there are many rust removers available on the market. Here is why Faber Mar Gel Plus is one of the best rust removers.   Continue reading →
  4. LTP Antique Wax | Why Wax Your Surface?

    LTP Antique Wax sitting on natural stone in the sun garden LTP Antique Wax | Why Should You Wax Your Surface? Ever wondered why you should wax your floor? That's why we are here with LTP Antique Wax to give you the necessary information that you need! When researching you can be hit with very conflicting information at first, so we recommend reading our blog on LTP Clear Wax also. Continue reading →
  5. Faber Algafloor: Neutral Detergent for Daily Cleaning

    Faber Algafloor: Neutral Detergent for Daily Cleaning Faber AlgaFloor Concentrated pH Neutral Cleaner for Tile and Stone Faber has developed over 250 products for all-around surface care treatments. Whether it be deep cleaning, stain removal or impregnating and sealing and more, Faber has something for you. However, these treatments are not meant for daily maintenance. To remove minor amounts of dirt and other annoying substances, use Faber AlgaFloor Neutral Cleaner.  Continue reading →

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