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January 2022

  1. Faber Limestone Densifier: For Professional Sealing

      Faber Limestone Densifier:  Professional Impregnating and Hardening Sealer Faber Limestone Densifier Impregnating Hardening Water-Repellent Sealer     New limestone surfaces become damaged, worn down and stained when not properly protected. To accomplish this, you need the right impregnating sealer. If not sealed, high levels of traffic will damage surfaces from the outside and liquid and dirt will damage surfaces from within. For lime-based surfaces, there is no better sealer than Faber Limestone Densifier.  Continue reading →
  2. LTP Colour Intensifier Stainblock | Enhancing Stone

    LTP Colour Intensifier and Stainblock with a brush which has just sealed and enhanced some bathroom tiles LTP Colour Intensifier Stainblock | Looking To Enhance The Colour Of Your Stone? Want to enhance the colour of your once beautiful natural stone? Try LTP Colour Intensifier Stainblock. In this blog, we will go through why everyone, especially you, should be using this product to revive the beauty in your natural stone. Continue reading →
  3. Why Faber Protex is your ideal Stone Impregnator

    Why Faber Protex is your ideal Stone Impregnator Faber Protex Stainproof Water-repellent Impregnator As new surfaces are put through continual use, they are at risk of wear from high traffic and staining due to spillages. Impregnation is crucial for the maintenance of the appearance of your surfaces. It reduces the effect that these risks have on new surfaces. While stone impregnation is important, many people have often turned away from the process due to the many products and opinions they may find on the topic. To cut through all the noise, here is why Faber Protex is your ideal stone impregnator.  Continue reading →
  4. Faber Hidro 150: Stain Proof Impregnator

    Faber Hidro 150: Stain Proof Impregnator for Natural Stone Faber Hidro 150 Stain Proof Water-based Impregnator for Natural Stone, Terracotta and Agglomerates Impregnation is very important for maintaining the brilliant appearance of your surfaces. Whether it is needed in the face of water and dirt or to protect against high traffic, stone impregnation is a crucial part of surface maintenance. However, buying the right impregnator is often a stressful process as there are so many options.  Amongst all of the choices on the market, here is why Faber Hidro 150 is the ideal impregnator for you. Continue reading →
  5. LTP Stone Oil | Why An Oil-Based Sealer?

    LTP Stone Oil bottles sitting on brick paving next to vines LTP Stone Oil | Why Should You Use An Oil-Based Sealer? I have covered many, many sealers already…but LTP Stone Oil is something else. In this blog, I am going to explain to you why you should be using an oil-based sealer and when to use it. Continue reading →
  6. Faber P147: Protect Surfaces Against Wet Weather

    Faber P147: Colour Enhancing Impregnator  For Protection Against Wet and Cold Weather Faber P147 Colour Enhancing Matt Finish Stain proof Wet Look Impregnator Colour Intensifier Treatment During the winter months, your exterior stone surfaces are constantly exposed to cold and wet weather. These long periods of rain and cold eventually damage your stone surfaces. Rain that has penetrated the material will freeze and thaw, loosening the bonding of the material. Due to this, cracks and gaps form. Fortunately, Faber developed the perfect remedy to this issue and this remedy is Faber P147.  Faber P147 is a solvent-based, colour enhancing impregnator. Continue reading →
  7. LTP Ferrex | Why An Acid-Based Cleaner?

    A LTP Ferrex bottle sitting in the sun on a garden patio, next to a plant pot LTP Ferrex | Why Should You Use An Acid-Based Cleaner? We have gone through many, many cleaners...but LTP Ferrex is not the same! In this blog, we will explain why you should be using an acid-based cleaner and when to use it.  Continue reading →
  8. Faber 30: Multi-Surface Alkaline Cleaner

    Faber 30: Multi-Surface Alkaline Cleaner Faber 30 Alkaline Cleaner New surfaces can completely change any room they are installed in, standing out and immediately drawing the attention of any visitors. However, once they become dirty and stained this positive image is completely ruined. To solve these problems, Faber has developed the perfect deep cleaner and degreaser called Faber 30. This product is a concentrated alkaline cleaner.  Continue reading →

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