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colour intensifier

  1. Faber P147: Protect Surfaces Against Wet Weather

    Faber P147: Colour Enhancing Impregnator  For Protection Against Wet and Cold Weather Faber P147 Colour Enhancing Matt Finish Stain proof Wet Look Impregnator Colour Intensifier Treatment During the winter months, your exterior stone surfaces are constantly exposed to cold and wet weather. These long periods of rain and cold eventually damage your stone surfaces. Rain that has penetrated the material will freeze and thaw, loosening the bonding of the material. Due to this, cracks and gaps form. Fortunately, Faber developed the perfect remedy to this issue and this remedy is Faber P147.  Faber P147 is a solvent-based, colour enhancing impregnator. Continue reading →
  2. Faber Deep Enhancer: Stone Colour Enhancing

     Faber Deep Enhancer: Stone Colour Enhancing Done Right! Faber Deep Enhancer Since 1986, Faber Tile & Stone Care has been at the forefront of surface care technology. After nearly 40 years, Faber has gained an exceptional understanding of floor and wall treatments. They have been able to design, create and test a range of over 250 products. This ensures each of their products is nothing but top-quality and Faber Deep Enhancer is no different. Continue reading →

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