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  1. LTP Clear Wax | Polishing vs Waxing

    A tin of LTP Clear Wax with application tools in a corridor, lit up with bright blue and orange lighting LTP Clear Wax | Polishing vs Waxing When researching whether to polish or wax your surface, you can be hit with very conflicting information at first. That’s why, in this blog, we are going to give you the necessary information that you need! Wax or Polish? With LTP Clear wax. Continue reading →
  2. Faber Limestone Densifier: For Professional Sealing

      Faber Limestone Densifier:  Professional Impregnating and Hardening Sealer Faber Limestone Densifier Impregnating Hardening Water-Repellent Sealer     New limestone surfaces become damaged, worn down and stained when not properly protected. To accomplish this, you need the right impregnating sealer. If not sealed, high levels of traffic will damage surfaces from the outside and liquid and dirt will damage surfaces from within. For lime-based surfaces, there is no better sealer than Faber Limestone Densifier.  Continue reading →
  3. Faber A3 Yellow - Lime and Marble Polishing Powder

    Faber A3 Yellow - High-Performance Polishing Powder: For Lime and Marble-based surfaces Faber A3 Yellow                             After installation, stone surfaces often appear dull and have no shine. An effective polishing powder indefinitely erases this appearance and leaves a brilliant shine on any surface. Unpolished surfaces are more vulnerable to water damage and high levels of traffic. Although, surfaces become both more durable and liquid-resistant after treatment. This prevents both minor and major damage, damage that may call for replacement. Polishing surfaces also help to keep them clean. If you want all this and more, start using Faber A3 Yellow today.  Continue reading →
  4. Here's why you need Faber Alkaline Cleaner

    Here’s Why You Need Faber Alkaline Cleaner Faber Alkaline Cleaner   Is dirt building up on your new tiles? Are grease stains ruining your limestone surfaces?  Do old layers of wax persist on your marble floors?  Faber Alkaline Cleaner is here to solve all of these issues. It is the latest innovation in stone cleaning technology after over 30 years of experience in surface care technology.   After over 30 years of experience and understanding, they have designed, created and tested a range of over 250 products. This ensures that each of Faber's products is top quality. Faber Alkaline Cleaners comes as a result of Faber's dedication and passion for surface care. Continue reading →
  5. LTP Ironwax | Why Surface Sealers?

    LTP Iroxwax bottles on stone wall next to a yellow bucket with a forest background LTP Ironwax | Why Surface Sealers? When researching into protecting your stone surface, sealing and impregnating are often confused. We have already covered impregnators following our blog on LTP Mattstone. Today we wanted to share with you why you should be using surface sealers to protect your stone patio or surface, plus one of the best impregnating sealers you can use - LTP Ironwax.  Continue reading →
  6. Why Faber Neugel Is The Perfect Floor Cleaner

     Why Faber Neugel Is The Perfect Floor Cleaner  Faber Neugel                      It was time for refurbishment. Some surfaces around your property had become dirty, damaged and it was time for a change. A few weeks have passed since you installed those new floors. Initially, everything seemed to be going well, but you’ve noticed dirt and debris. These substances have been building up and ruining your brilliant new floors. After a while, you decide enough is enough. You need a floor cleaning detergent. However, there is just one problem, some are of your new surfaces are acid-sensitive and the others are alkaline-sensitive. Don’t worry, this is where Faber Neugel comes in!  Continue reading →
  7. A Guide To: Rust Stain Removal (2022)

    A Guide To: Rust Stain Removal on Stone Surfaces   Faber Mar Gel Plus Faber Oxidant Rust Stain Remover Rust Stain Removal stain removerAfter spending so much time, money and after installing new surfaces. These resources will go to waste if your surfaces become rusty and nothing is done about it. Due to this, rust stain removal is a very important part of surface maintenance and restoration. To ensure the money and time spent you to install new surfaces Today, I will tell you everything you need to know about removing rust stains from stone surfaces. Today, you will learn everything you need to know about rust stain removal on stone surfaces. Continue reading →
  8. Faber Deep Enhancer: Stone Colour Enhancing

     Faber Deep Enhancer: Stone Colour Enhancing Done Right! Faber Deep Enhancer Since 1986, Faber Tile & Stone Care has been at the forefront of surface care technology. After nearly 40 years, Faber has gained an exceptional understanding of floor and wall treatments. They have been able to design, create and test a range of over 250 products. This ensures each of their products is nothing but top-quality and Faber Deep Enhancer is no different. Continue reading →
  9. LTP Quartzcare | How To Clean Vertical Surfaces

    LTP Quartzcare bottle sitting on a kitchen countertop with green cupboards LTP Quartzcare | How To Clean Vertical Surfaces We have already gone through the importance of aftercare, but we have not mentioned that it can sometimes be difficult for vertical surfaces such as countertops, fireplaces and more. When dealing with such surfaces, a spray is much more convenient and will do the job thoroughly. In this blog, we will go through one of the best aftercare cleaners for vertical surfaces we have found - LTP QuartzCare. Continue reading →
  10. 6 reasons why you should use Faber Soap!

    6 reasons why you should be cleaning stone surfaces with Faber Soap! Faber Soap Faber Tile & Stone Care has been leading surface care technology since the 1980s and since then have had time to gain an extraordinary understanding of floor and wall treatments. Nearly 40 years of design, creation and testing means you can expect all 250+ products sold by Faber to be nothing but top quality and Faber Soap is no exception. For a new, reliable stone cleaner that is effective on a range of surfaces look no further than Faber Soap. Here are six reasons why you should be using Faber Soap to clean natural stone surfaces.  Continue reading →

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